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Ladies' essentials : must-have all the time

Updated on February 8, 2011
definitely can't leave home without it
definitely can't leave home without it
i am so inseparable with my Blackberry phone
i am so inseparable with my Blackberry phone

Girls will be girls!

Limiting the items to just four to five is going to be real hard for us, girls. Trust me. An overnight bag would not be sufficient if I were to pack all the things I would need on a regular day! I always make sure that I have all the things I need, if for instance, I suddenly decide on doing other things that was not previouly scheduled.

However, if I were to grab 5 things needed for the day, I won't leave home without the following items:

1. My wallet which contains money, credit cards, IDs and driver's license. ( A super must!)

2. Celphone is tantamount to life nowadays! One feels disconnected from the world sans this gadget. Its like my life is there! Forgetting my celphone at home is definitely a no-no!

3. A pair of earrings and my watch are things I cannot live without. I swear. I feel totally incomplete and "light" without them attached to my body. You may not believe this, but I sometimes carry another pair of earrings in my bag just in case what I am wearing gets lost.

4. My car keys. Walking is surely a pleasant way to lose weight, but I'd rather take the car from the house to the office before I get all the pollution walking along major thoroughfares.

5. Finally, my make up kit. For us girls, its like carrying a first-aid kit. Keeping it handy gives me the confidence that I look fresh all day.


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