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New Balance 927 - The All Day Shoe

Updated on April 19, 2012

New Balance 927 Walking Shoes - Are They The Solution to Your Feet Woes?

You'll really enjoy New Balance 927 walking shoes when you take them off. After a long day on you feet standing or walking, you will appreciate how well this pair of shoes has taken care of your feet.

New Balance 927 walking shoes are made for "all day comfort". They are an excellent choice in footwear for everyday use. Men and women with conditions such as Plantar fasciitis and diabetes will appreciate the advanced cushioning and comfort built into these shoes.

Many in the medical field have a high regard for New Balance 927 walking shoes, according to NB manager Shane Downey. He says these shoes are great for people with problematic feet as well as individual who need romm throughout their shoes.

If you have custom orthotics you can remove the insole and place your custom orthotic in to replace the insert. the seamless liner on the inside of the shoe is a great feature for some diabetic patients that can have any rubbing or irritation with their shoes. Check out more of what Shane has to say in the video that follows.

How Does the New Balance 927 Rate?

4 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of New Balance 927 walking shoes

He-e-e-re's Shawn...


How Doc Found Relief From "Years of Foot Pain"

Only after spending thousands of dollars for physical therapy and special shoes, did "Doc" learn of New Balance 927 walking shoes. He had suffered years of foot pain from planter fascitis. His New Balance 927 gave him the support he needed.

It's a little confusing but "Doc" is actually a nurse who found out about these shoes from a sports medicine doctor.

Since our Doc is on his feet all day long, he does not mind paying for a good pair of shoes. While it took Doc some time to break these shoes in, he reports that they " .. are the best shoe I can recall owning."

You can learn more about Doc's experiences with these shoes - and read over 100 additional customer reviews here.

Rollbars and Engineered Foam

With advanced technology like a roll bar that limits rear foot pronation and supination and special foam cushioning, you can see a lot goes into a pair of 927s.

Optimal shock absorption and cushioning is achieved by placing the right foam in the right places.

Attention to detail in the design is illustrated by such detailing as using reflective materials for added visibility and safety. the shoe liner is seamless. Not only does this reduce the weight of the shoes, it provides an environment that is more comfortable and fits your foot better.

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