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New Balance Shoes for Women - The Shoe Fits ...

Updated on April 12, 2012
New Balance Factory
New Balance Factory

New Balance Shoes for Women Aren't Just for Running and Walking Anymore!

The New Balance Shoes for Women group of shoes is being filled with ever increasing footwear choices for females. Not only are running and walking shoes for women offered by the New England based shoe company but other lines such as training and yoga footwear are offered as well.

One of the leading manufacturers of shoes in the world, New Balance strives to make and assemble as much of its products at home as possible. Did you know they are the only shoe manufacturer that still make athletic shoes in the United States.

Well, kind of...

Here's how they put it. Of the shoes New Balance sells domestically ( in the States ), 25% are produced by an American workforce. For this, they used U.S. and imported materials. They also obtain their materials domestically, when possible.

If you will allow me to editorialize for a second, I think this is a reasonable and enlightened policy taken by New Balance. it seems to me they are taking steps to save jobs in the States while still bringing an excellent and reasonably priced product to market.

But at times - for economic or other reasons - it becomes necessary to get materials abroad.

Next - more on the products.

New Balance Minimus Shoes for Women

The New Balance Minimus line of footwear was made , according to new Balance, to satisfy the closer to barefoot experience that women are seeking. As shoes became ever more 'cushiony', some felt they were losing something when they ran or walked in these very well cushioned shoes.

New Balance offers trail shoes, running shoes, and training shoes with just a little cushioning. It's not barefoot running but a close - and more comfortable alternative.

If you are considering switching your running to a more minimalist shoe, you should make the switch very slowly. Your legs and feet need time to adjust to the additional strain a minimalist shoe will place upon them. You risk injury if you overuse a pair of these shoes for running or other activities.

How do you rate New Balance's manufacturing philosophy? Your turn.

Cast your vote for New Balance's home based manufacturing efforts.

New Balance: "Made in the USA"

The NB Minimus Life

The NB Minimus Life is a casual shoe for both men and women. Extreme comfort combines with a more natural stride in these shoes.

The newSKY 101

The newSKy 101 is the latest shoe in the this collection.

Designed minimally, it has less material than more traditional athletic shoes. Recycled PET plastic is used in the upper.

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