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New Triple Phase Body Oil

Updated on August 4, 2016

Triple Phase Body Oil


Benefits galore!

As a part of the Avon Preferred Preview Club, I was able to try out this great body oil well before it hit the brochures in Campaign 17.

I have never been one that has enjoyed the scent of Skin So Soft products so I was reluctant to even try this oil. To my surprise it has a wonderful scent. Crisp and subtle, yet relaxing is how I have been describing it to everyone that I know.

After a nice long bath I decided to try it out and was in love almost immediately. It wasn't greasy and made my skin feel amazing! During the summer months my skin has rarely ever felt amazing for any length of time, so needless to say I was hooked!

Out I went to buy tester containers so that I could share this oil with the world and bam! Not long after handing out my samples I had multiple orders rolling in. This confirmed to me that it wasn't just me that would love this and my love for it wasn't because of my long lived affair with Avon.

Today I have sold all of my customers on SSS Triple Phase Body Oil and have even reached a new audience by bringing my samples to the beach. Suntans are great but not at the expense of moisturizing and nourishing skin.

Check out the links below and research for yourself the benefits of these amazing oils!

© 2016 C Vincent


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