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Creating your own hairstyle

Updated on August 21, 2016

Hairstyle is one from a huge list,what girls care about.Good hairstyle=Good looking you. from my personal experience hairstyle changes a lot...i changed my hair and it changed my whole look.So there are tips to build your own look

1.wash your hair three times in a week. that's the best way to make your hair healthier and look better.also, it's important to choose the best shampoo for your hair. i mean if you have curly hair try to buy shampoo without sulfates and silicone. it will dry your hair and make it frizzy.if you have straight hair it's not hard to choose shampoo.

2.don't use hair balsam i know you all think that it makes your hair does but it also causes hair to get oily faster and makes hair fall off.use only once or twice in a month.

3.protect your hair while using hair stylers. that's very important if you want to have healthy hair.if you're like me , have curly hair and you don't like it and have to straight it with straightener you MUST use some oils for hair before style the hair .but it will be better if you won't use stylers because it's not good... healthy way!!!! i know how it feels like when you have extra 4-5 KGs and you need to lose it, but choose the good but hard way for it. WORKOUT and EAT HEALTHY! i will do another article how i lose weight and stay in shape and give you the videos and tips.not eating healthy causes your nails broke and your hair to fall of or other hair problems because eating and your beauty have very strong connection...

5.choose haircut that fits you it was the most hard part of creating my own style...first of all i don't believe that face shape is everything while choosing the best need to try everything to choose the best.i don't mean that you need to cut too much. first try bob. than make it longer and longer .. than try layers, than bangs but remember don't cut your hair too short, because hair is the best thing that can change your whole look .

6.curly , wavy or straight??? when you will choose the cut you have to decide what fits the cut and you the most.first try straight,because straight hair fits every haircut but not sure that it fits everyone... than try wavy . wavy hair is the best when you have bob or shoulder length hair , but it's not as attractive on long hair as straight or curly does. and last , try curly . curly hair isn't common but it doesn't fits everyone and every haircut. but it's adorable on long layered hair...

7.Up or down? know what's better on you up hair or down.bun or ponytail.half up half down or something more different.but don't forget if you like bun or something don't wear it everyday somethimes change the look...

that was my few and simple tips for you.this helped me to create the new me, better me.i know there was nothing that you never heard before but this really helped me and i wanted to share my experience so... i will continue writting about how to build good and lean body , how to create your own dress style and everything about how to be better.- XOXO


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