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New hollywood undead masks

Updated on June 17, 2014

On Hollywood undead masks

Hollywood masks through time are shown below. Note that Deuce and Danny switch places, with Deuce being removed from the band and Danny taking his spot.

Hollywood undead masks

The story behind Hollywood undead masks.

Hollywood undead as a band gained a lot of renown for their cool looking masks. Through time these masks changed though! The basic motives stayed the same, but the masks get updated for every album released!

Pre-label Hollywood undead

Hollywood undead before the record label

Who knew Hollywood undead wore some original mask designs before they signed up for their first album? Well i stumbled upon their masks and i must say, they wore some really awesome masks even back then. I especially like the Charlie Scenes mask, which was actually a paper bag. He has replaced it since with a bandana.

Swan songs HU

Swan songs Hollywood undead

With their first release, the album named Swan songs, the band got some new masks. Of note are the Funny mans mask and the Charlie Scenes bandana.

HU American tragedy edition

American tragedy Hollywood undead

The band got some notable makeovers when the American tragedy was released!

  • Charlie Scene changed the color of his bandana
  • Johnny 3 Tears got an improved look of his mask
  • J-Dog got a makeover on his mask, especially the eye part
  • Kurlzz got a big change on his mask
  • Danny appears with his golden mask

Newest Hollywood undead masks

Notes from the underground masks

The new Hollywood undead masks differ quite a bit from the ones in American tragedy.

  • Charlie goes back to a black bandana
  • J-Dogs mask now looks a lot like a gas mask
  • Funny man has a new face on top of his black mask!
  • The Kurlzz now has a peculiar mask
  • Danny and Johnny 3 tears got some visual improvements to their masks

New Hollywood undead masks

A Youtube video showing off the new masks

A poll!

Which are your favorite Hollywood undead masks?

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