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Nexxen Ceramic Sapphire Watches

Updated on November 26, 2011

Swiss Quartz

In my previous story about Tissot Watch, I said that I wear the timepiece where ever I travel. But sometimes, I don't wear it if I go to certain formal occasions. I still have another watch. It is a Nexxen Ceramic whose type is DP0030M. This Swiss Quartz looks black at the front side with MGP 23K gold plated writings inscribed at the back side. Because this is a gold plated watch, the price will be somewhat expensive I think. but it is OK as long as its quality is high. In addition, it is comfortable when I wear the wrist watch. I don't use this Nexxen watch very often due to its luxurious look which often attracts the attention of my friends.
The same as my Tissot T870/970, this Nexxen watch is also water resistant. I can wear it while walking through the rain or swimming at a river. You know, I am a traveler. I like going anywhere where the nature is still in pristine condition. Nexxen might be not as popular as Rolex and Tissot but the quality of this Swiss watch is very high. I have it already for six years and I know that It is still in its peak performance.
When I was doing keyword search on the internet, I could not find the official website of Nexxen Watch Manufacturer. Perhaps, it is only a small watch making company employing dozens of people instead of thousands like Tissot.
I don't know whether you have seen a Nexxen watch or not but if you are now thinking of buying a time piece that looks elegant on your wrist, then you should give this brand a try. So, if one day you go to a watch shop, try to ask the store manager whether they have watches made by Nexxen.

Gold Plated Nexxen Watch from Switzerland
Gold Plated Nexxen Watch from Switzerland
This Nexxen Ceramic Watch uses Sapphire Crystal
This Nexxen Ceramic Watch uses Sapphire Crystal

Sapphire Crystal Watches

High quality watches now use sapphire crystal. This is meant to create positive vibrations to the wearers of the watches so that they will always be motivated and have positive energy and attitude in their daily activities. Furthermore, sapphire crystal is believed to have calming and healing power. I don't know whether it is true or not but that's what I read from a number of articles on the internet about this precious mineral. In my opinion natural sapphire crystals cannot be used directly in match making industry. Watch manufacturers must have special techniques and technology in creating or refining the crystal so that it can meet the technical requirements for use in high quality watches such as the Nexxen Ceramic and the Tissot T870/970 that I use right now. At the front side of my Nexxen watch, as a matter of fact the spelling used for writing the cystal's name is Sapphir. The manufacturer must have its own reason in using incomplete spelling of this Sapphire Crystal.

Nexxen watch for women

Nexxen watch makers also made a large collection of watches for women. One of them that is Nexxen Ceramic DP0030L. It is a great watch because it looks elegant in every woman's wrist. Because its body is MGP 23 K gold plated, it might be a little more expensive than the conventional stainless steel or plastic watches. You can wear this beautiful watch in such occasions as family gatherings or official ceremonies. I recommend this sapphire crystal watch to those who are looking for time piece that is durable to various working condition and stylish in every formal situation.

Ceramic Watch

My watch is Nexxen Ceramic. Traditionally we know that ceramic is a hard but fragile material. If it falls on a hard ground, for example a ceramic jar, it will break into pieces. Watch makers now use advanced technology to create ceramic that is durable and scratch-resistant. Such material is now widely applied in watch making industry. The use of ceramic in watches make them lighter and fashionable. In the beginning of the application of ceramic in watches, the price of these time pieces became very expensive. Now the ceramic watches are available for a few hundred US dollars. So, ceramic watch is not a luxurious item anymore.


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      Where can i find belt for nexxe ne8905chm


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