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Nicole Kidman Makeup Tips

Updated on February 7, 2013
Nicole Kidman Makeup
Nicole Kidman Makeup | Source

This hub will give you Nicole Kidman makeup tips. These tips are especially useful for women with red hair, fair skin, and blue eyes, but will also be beneficial to women who want to simply try to look a little more like her.

This article has tips for your complexion, foundation, and the best eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick colors so you can copy Nicole's stunning looks.

Skin and Complexion

One of the first tricks to looking like Nicole is to first focus on getting fabulous skin. Here are some common skin issues for fair-skinned women and corresponding solutions.

  • If your skin is ruddy, drink eight glasses of water daily and apply a non-oily moisturizer.
  • If you have uneven skin color on your face, minimize your sun exposure. Sometimes your forehead and nose will get sunburn before the rest of your face.
  • If your skin is naturally dry, do not use pressed powder. This will make you more prone to getting skin flakes.

Foundation, Concealer, and Powder

  • If you are like many fair or medium-skinned women, you suffer from tiny blue veins or purple coloring under your eyes, on your eyelids, and perhaps around the edges of your nostrils. To remedy this, apply moisturizer around your eyes and around your nose. After it dries, carefully apply concealer. The moisturizer helps prevent the concealer from fading and pronouncing skin imperfections.

  • When you wear foundation, don't make the mistake of only applying it under your eyes or in trouble spots. Wear it over your entire face, making sure to blend it into your temples, jaw line, and around your lips. These areas are frequently overlooked.

  • Only wear powder makeup if you don't suffer from wrinkles. Even advanced age-defying powder formulas still set into your wrinkles after a few hours and make your lines more pronounced.

Get skin like Nicole Kidman's
Get skin like Nicole Kidman's | Source

Eyeshadow Colors:

  • Violet
  • Pink
  • Peach
  • Light brown

Lipstick Colors:

  • Light Pink
  • Rust
  • Fuschia
  • Beigey rose

Nicole Kidman Makeup Colors

Nicole looks best in specific cosmetic shades. Try these on for yourself to see if you like them You will notice most of them are based on neutrals.

Eyebrow Pencil Colors:

  • Dark red
  • Light brown

Blush Colors:

  • Light pink
  • Light peach


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