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Nightmare at the Beauty Salon

Updated on November 5, 2014

When You Find a Good Beautician, Stay with Her

I once had a surreal adventure in a beauty salon. I imagine that what I experienced goes on all over the world at some salons. But it was my first time having my hair held hostage in a bad beauty shop. Once things started to go weird, I should have gotten up and left as fast as I could. But I didn’t, and here is my story.

The salon was recommended to me, and it was close to home. So I decided to try it one early afternoon. First off, the place was in disarray. There were beads and skittles around the floor. Weave hair and wet towels were on the floor. Trash bags were full in the back. I accepted the situation, thinking that there had been a busy day at the salon. Mistake.

My stylist was 40 minutes late. Once she showed up, she never apologized for being late. That should have been my second sign to leave. Especially as it gave me more than enough time to peruse the place. More than enough time to know that this wasn’t the place for me to get my hair done.

There was not one beautician’s license to be seen. It was a nine-chair salon, with more than half not in use. There were kids running around, with no sign that any of them were getting their hair done. The radio music was abrasively loud.

There was a nail salon inside the front of the hair place. The nail owner spent most of her time listening to the radio and reading magazines. When one of her clients arrived, she started right in, putting eyelashes on her client. She didn’t wash her hands beforehand. She just started working on the woman’s eyes, dirty hands and all. The third sign - Ugh!

While my stylist was murdering my hair, I realized the owner was there. She was oblivious to the general nastiness of the salon. She took a phone call and ran out the shop. She came back an hour and a half later with new clothes and earrings from Ann Taylor. She asked a stylist to do her hair, because she was going to a concert.

After she was dressed and coiffed, the owner paid some people, and then ran out again. After she left, the stylists talked bad about her. They said if she put the money in the bank instead of using it as soon as she got it she could pay them on time. I couldn’t believe the beauticians talked about the owner not paying them in front of me. That was tacky.

Stay with a hairdresser you know
Stay with a hairdresser you know | Source

The owner’s total focus once she got that phone call was to get ready to go to an event that night. She probably didn’t know that when she's not at her salon, her employees talk about her like a dog in front of customers. She probably doesn’t know or care why her chairs are void of customers. After she left, a young beautician fell asleep on the couch reserved for clients.

I went in for a simple wash and set, because the place was having a sale. I believe, to drum up paying customers. My eleven-dollar wash and set took three hours, including wait time, and gossip. My beautician even tried to get out of combing out my hair. She asked me twice if I wanted to wrap it. Twice I said no. I wanted it combed out like I was when I arrived.

This salon was recommended to me and I anticipated that I would have a good experience. When I told my friend about what happened, she was shocked and responded in disbelief. I don't judge my friend for making the recommendation. She wasn’t responsible for the behavior of the beauticians in that establishment. However I do blame myself for staying as long as I did. In the end, my hair became secondary. I was just glad to get out of the place.

In this case, I got what I paid for. Eleven dollars worth of hair washed, dried, and styled. And, this story.


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