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Nike Air Force Ones May Be The Ultimate Shoe

Updated on March 20, 2011

Air Force Ones Are The Best For Your Feet

Nike Air Force Ones are available in a wide variety of styles and are a without a doubt one of Nikes most widely released and most popular shoe models. The reason for their popularity is simple: Air Force Ones are one of the most beautiful, comfortable and ergonomically correct sporting shoes on the market and thus are growing in popularity everday. Air Force Ones can provide comfort and style for indoor uses yet transfer over to strenuous outdoor activities almost seamlessly.

Nike Air Force Ones are widely available in an overwhelming variety of styles, colors, and patterns. You can buy them low-top, high-top, even mid-top, in metallic, white-on-white, black-on-black, neutral tones, bold colors, or eye-catching patterns. Nike Air technology was first used on Air Force Ones way back in 1982, making Air Force Ones one of the most memorable designs ever to be issued from the Nike factories. This technology is still utilized, albeit updated, to provide Air Force Ones the characteristics which result in the ultimate amount of support for both men and women who want sensible style, anatomically accurate support, and superlative fit from their footwear.


Air Force Ones have been instrumental in the history of athletic shoes
Air Force Ones have been instrumental in the history of athletic shoes

Air Force Ones: Aesthetics Meets Ergonomics

Many will argue that Nike Air Force Ones are the most original and attractive sneaker ever designed. In this respect, it is true that many custom sporting shoe designers use the Air Force Ones as a baseline for any new design or color configuration. Nike has been the traditional market leader when it comes to producing superlative footwear for the sports market, and now in addition to this established leadership, the company has a worldwide client base who prefer Nike as everyday footwear as well.

All ages have chosen and continue to choose Nike Air Force Ones not only for their superlative quality, but also as a peer status symbol. It is evident in nearly every country in the world that when you are seen wearing Nike Air Force Ones, you are acknowledged to be wearing the best sneakers available anywhere.

In addition to the Air Force Ones, Nike has also released the Air Max line: Both Air Max 97 and Air Max 2003 were huge hits in the market niche of training shoes. Nike also has the Nike Shox line of shoes, which is the current best selling cross trainer brand on the market.


Air Force Ones are available in designer customized models
Air Force Ones are available in designer customized models

Demand Original Nike Air Force Ones

It is important for the consumer to demand and verify that they purchase original Air Force Ones. Buy only real Nikes! Ensure that you are shelling out your cash only for the Nike authorized and authentic Air Force Ones, as cheap Air Force Ones are usually horrible quality counterfeit knock offs. Especially be aware of sources that claim you can buy Air Force Ones wholesale, as they are usually scammers. The only real Air Force One is a properly Nike labelled shoe!

Air Force One shoes are some of the most popular footwear available anywhere, right up in consumer demand with great brands like Pony shoes, Dexter shoes, MIA shoes, LAMB shoes, and Report shoes . They are definitely not for the customer who wants to spend 99 cents on wholesale flip flops!

Air Force Ones can be attractive even if they are of a simple design
Air Force Ones can be attractive even if they are of a simple design

You Can Even Buy Customized Air Force Ones

There are many rare Air Force Ones and there always seems to be a market for exclusive Air Force Ones. There is even a market for customized Air Force Ones sometimes adding hundreds of dollars to the cost as these custom Air Force Ones are often one off works of art.

The Long, Illustrious History Of Air Force Ones


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