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Nike Sneakers and Sportswear- Perfect for for every physical activity

Updated on May 20, 2011

No matter what the sport is that you participate in or simply observe, Nike has a sneaker for it and the appropriate clothing needed. From the official team sports such as basketball, football, tennis, golf, and soccer to individual sports and activities such as skateboarding, snowboarding, running or simply exercising, Nike makes the most comfortable, quality sneakers and shoes designed specifically to keep your feet comfortable, cool, and allow you to compete or participate to the best of your ability.

The Nike AirMax+ 2011 Sneaker is a winner

My sport is walking, on a treadmill or outdoors. Nothing affects your performance or enjoyment of an activity like aching, uncomfortable feet. The other day I went for a very long walk and wore my older sneakers and I regretted it from the moment I set out on my walk. The focus should have been on walking fast, getting that heart rate up; but instead every step was uncomfortable and unenjoyable. If I had worn the new Nike AirMax+ 2011 with it's full length cushioning in the mid-sole area, breathable upper construction, and the molded collar around the ankle to prevent my foot from slipping, I would have walked for miles, they are so comfortable. These Nike AirMax sneakers are very light weight and also have reflectivity for those times I am walking during dusk.

The coolest feature is the ability to sync with your iPhone; keeping track of running performance. The chip for the iPhone has to be purchased from Apple. In summary, there are cheaper sneakers out there, but these are definitely worth the price.


For the same reasons as shoes make a big difference in your enjoyment of physical activity or sports, so does the types of clothing you wear.  Nike has created a full line of sportswear from shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, jackets, hoodies, pants, and my favorite-the t-back tanks.  Not only is the sportswear by Nike comfortable but it looks great too and we all admit that is important.

The quality of the fit along with the breathable materials used for the Nike Sportswear line makes such a difference in my enjoyment in walking.  There is no binding in the shorts or pants and the tops all fit beautifully.  For cooler days, Nike makes jackets all with quality materials and zip up the neck features, keeping you warm and dry but comfortable.


Nike sneakers also have a customizable feature called Nike iD.  You can choose the materials used to create the upper portion of the sneaker, you can customize and choose amazing and bright colors, and you can also have personal characters printed on the top of the tongue, with up to 6 characters allowed.  Imagine being able to design the perfect looking shoe and have the comfortability and quality of the Nike sneaker.

Check out Nike the next time you need a new pair of shoes, you'll be pleased that you did.


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