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Nike Women's Comfort Thong Sandal Features and Review

Updated on September 12, 2010

Women's Nike Comfort Thong

Comfort Thong Sandal Features

I have not purchased NIke footwear in years and decided to give the Women's Comfort Sandal a try when I saw it in the store. The Sandal has a durable outsole which is flexible and a memory foam Comfort Footbed that makes the sandals very fun and comfortable. The foam is covered with a smooth fabric and I love the feel. The layer of foam is very thin as not to compromise the basic support of the shoe.

The only drawback on this sandal is that I am not sure if washing it will ruin the sandal. I don't think I will be tossing them in the washing machine. I bought the pink color which does not hide dirt very well. I would recommend purchasing a dark color if you are considering this sandal to hide any discoloration on the foot bed from dirt after a period of wear.

These sandals have a sturdy sole which will allow them to last longer than the other Reef sandals I buy. I know I should not wear flip flops or sandals often because they do not provide good support but I can't see myself not having a pair of sandals or flip flops for the summer and around the house.

The sandal is true to size. I will buy my running shoes a half size larger to make sure they will not cause blisters. Purchase these sandals in the same size you would purchase dress shoes or heels.

The fabric thong portion is also comfortable which can be difficult to find in sandals sometimes. The Nike Women's Comfort Sandals is also available in a slide if you do not desire the thong version. These sandals are also available in kids so if you can wear a large kids, save a few dollars! The Comfort Sandals and Tong sell for about $30 each but you can always find them on sale at local shoe stores (especially at the end of the season) and online.


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      B.G. Koteles 7 years ago

      I have Morton's neuroma, and these sandals totally got rid of the paid as I wore them over the summer. Now that I have to wear close-toed choes again, the pain is coming back...I hope Nike comes out with more shoes with insoles like this. I am buying a second pair of these for sure!