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Nine West Flats, Sandals Review: Ballets, Slippers, Moccasins, Gladiator; Heels, Straps, Rhinestones, Other

Updated on January 13, 2015

Nine West Casual

Flats and sandals comprise Nine West's most colorful and vibrant shoe departments: rich saturated colors –reds, purples, blues, turquoise multi-colored, animal prints – appear often in combination with crystals or metallic parts that reflect light and enhance the palette's visual effect.

The selection features casual and dressy styles (often notably different) that in one way or another reveal such brand's trademark characteristics as intersections and ninety degrees overlaps (t-straps, criss-cross), and the use of variously structure heels (stacked, platform, stiletto, sculpted).


Flats segment includes ballets, moccasins, and even Oxford type footwear – the low heels and even soles remove the discomfort that can be associated with wearing high heels, and render the shoes comfortable and relaxing.

That is, however, not to say strictly casual: such decorative elements as jewels (crystals, rhinestones, colored gems), metallic studs, straps and buckles, buttons, beads, rosettes, bows, laces, and other details embellish the upper, lending the collections a festive, when needed, look. Simple black or neutral leather or suede models offset those with a more quiet, calm character.

Nine West Sandals
Nine West Sandals


Sandals are among Nine West most experimental types of footwear (not unlike Jimmy Choo), presenting a penchant for couture risk, embracing fanciful designs (from caged to criss-cross and appliqué), and generally opting for the bold and rather than understated. Of course, more than a few orthodox and standard lines exist – but the edgier categories make a statement that the classics prefer to bypass.


Besides leather, suede, and various fabrics, Nine West deploy nature derived raffia, cork, and wood (usually for the wedge sandals and espadrilles – discussed in a dedicated review), and a range of metallic accents, studs, and even meshes.


Gladiator sandals are particularly widespread in the summer shoes assortment, arriving in casual brown leather, dressy metallic finishes, multi-straps, and equipped with flat rubber soles. Some of the models approach the minimalist thong slippers by borrowing the thong detail – but retaining the iconic Achilles heel plate. Mai, Resurrect, Sizrhand, Mintcream, Amethea, Poet, Gilla, and other collections.


Ballets section provides probably the most indoors oriented shoes Nine West have to offer – although the title “ballet” implies the hard work of a professional dancer, these shoes must not be worn strictly on stage; the comfort that accompanies this design has transcended the original intent of dancing. Jemmy, Calvina, Rosabela, Belysima, Sasypants, Gia, Ludovica, Facinate, and other collections.


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