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Nine West Platforms, Wedges Shoes Review: Espadrilles, Slingbacks, Loafers, Clogs, Mules, Other

Updated on January 13, 2015

Nine West Platform Footwear

Nine West wedges and platforms usually overlap with other shoe categories – sandals, slingbacks, sandals, pumps, and even booties – enhancing their comfort by providing a stable, yet style-infused elevation.

The difference between wedges and platforms is crucial: the former features a solid sole the entire area of which comes in contact with the ground – arguably the most comfortable type of footwear that still forces the wearer to rise. The latter can arrive, theoretically, in two modes – one that opts for a solid wedge-type support that dispenses with any angles or spaces between the heel and the toe, thus being even more comfortable – and another which holds only toe, a high heel supporting the heel.

Perhaps surprisingly, Nine West deploy the second mode in most of their designs. Since comfort plays a primary role in wedges, the brand uses such light and natural materials for the thick sole as cork, wood, or raffia, aiming to cut down on the overall weight. Additional materials include leather in different finishes, suede, various fabrics and synthetics, and others.

Flats and Wedges

Wedges combined with flat, and in particular ballets architecture, blend the idea of casual comfort with style, presenting an effective casual-fashion mix. Classic ballet, loafer, and moccasin configurations – simplicity at its most expressed – rise on a heel that grows together with the rest of the sole; slip-on mode of wear completes the design. Peggyfo, Tomago, Bianco, Obscure, Smooch, Olivetoo, and other collections.

Nine West Espadrille
Nine West Espadrille

Platforms and Pumps

This is perhaps the most anticipated combination, harking back to such classic creations as Christian Louboutin red sole pumps, or Jimmy Choo high stiletto heels.

Indeed, it's difficult to conceive a heel taller than five inches without a supporting platform – Nine West incorporate one of a single inch height, painting in in the same color as the upper, or, in pronounced two-tone models, in a contrasting shade. Rocha, Bonfire, Alfa, Slick, Danee, Delphine, and other collections.


This quintessential summer category also overlaps with sandals, as well as pumps and mules. The exact opposite of gladiators, which protect the heel with a specialized leather plate, these dressy, even flirtatious shoes would rather reveal skin than cover it. Qutiepie, Nicefit, Ideal, Gimmemore, Easycool, and other collections.


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