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Nine West Pumps, Heel Shoes Review: Dress, Casual, Peep-Toe, Evening; Leather, Suede, Satin, Synthetic, Other

Updated on January 13, 2015

Nine West Heels

Nine West offer over fifty collections of pumps and heels – and at least as many when taking into account shoes that overlap with sandal, booties, wedges, and other departments. Most of the shoes can be worn outdoors during the warm spring and summer seasons, and nearly all of them suit indoors settings, depending on the occasion.

In other words, one of the brand's most important conceptions, eclectic adaptability and versatility, arrives to full realization in the department of pumps and heels. The company even goes as far as categorize the selection according to occasions – casual, career, dress, special occasion, and exclusives.


Nine West take full advantage of their status of interpreters of contemporary fashion trends: they don't need to take the risks that have become intrinsic to such designers as Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Manohlo Blahnik, or Stuart Weitzman. Instead, they draw inspiration from proven patterns and layouts, and give them twists and touches that emphasize their aesthetic appeal.

Variety again drives the creative process, the shoes featuring kitten, stacked, and stiletto heels (up to five inches in height, one inch platforms), pointed, rounded, and open toes, wedges and platforms, bows and blossom details on the toes, and more.


Beside standard leather and suede inventory the company introduces various luscious and delicate fabrics (lace, satin), and a range of synthetics. The latter in particular allow for a broader palette, several synthetic models demonstrating vibrant zebra or giraffe prints.

Nine West Pumps
Nine West Pumps


A major NW footwear section, it features many classically built slip-on mid-height heel shoes – no frills or decorative elements – models will opt for rounded, pointed, or square toes, occasionally complemented by a platform (especially with higher heels).

On the other hand, there's a rich selection of products that incorporate some form of embellishment. A bow, a rosette, a miniature buckled strap, or, literally, a small stylized frill – these are among the most popular details that lend the shoes a more playful, dressy, and fun flair. Jennifer, Nillen, Novellos, Playtag, Melaina, Caress, Selene, Tramale, and other collections.

Special Occasion

These are the more intricate and elaborate variations of pumps and heels, usually fitting for dress&evening occasions; separate white or metallic finished shoes can serve as bridal footwear. Crystal and jeweled accents and bows adorn the straps and the bows, while ankle straps and slingback designs further emphasize the foot.

Jemster, Zizzy, Qutiepie, Eyelight, Antrim, Proeze, Glamy, Jullius, Trilla, Icare, Telling, Noelia, Avantgard, Carmelita, Joanne, Escher, Capria, and other collections.


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