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Nine West Shoes Guide-Review: Boots, Pumps, Sandals, Flats, Wedges, Booties, Platforms, Slippers, Other

Updated on January 13, 2015

Nine West Shoes

Nine West clearly differs from such designer originated labels as Christian Louboutin, Stuart Weitzman, Jimmy Choo, Manohlo Blahnik, and many others. Even its name denotes a principal discrepancy: while the mentioned brands rely on a single fashion persona, Nine West draws its title from location – a place where the enterprise was founded.

In more concrete terms, what distinguishes this company from other shoe makers is the stress on approachability, affordability, and the interpretation of latest trends into more flexible, pliant layouts that dispense with some of the extremes and risks of high-couture. Designers that have collaborated with NW include Fred Allard, Thakoon, and others.


Nine West main product departments are shoes and bags; other small leather goods include wallets and belts. Shoes selection features practically all familiar kinds of footwear: boots and booties, pumps and heels, sandals and flats, clogs and mules, flats and ballets, slippers, loafers, moccasins – and countless configurations that combine traits from several categories.

Apparel and accessories segments comprise hats and socks, sunglasses, watches, and jewelry. The latter category offers earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and rings – various alloys (brass, gold-tone), coral, leather, gold and silver plating, glass, and enamel form only a partial list of materials employed in making it.


Perhaps rather predictably, leather, various fabrics, and metallic parts become the primary materials in the manufacture. The range of finishes and colors is exceptionally broad – Nine West make a point of addressing different tastes, and offering as many choices as possible.


Brand concepts channel into three design cornerstones:

  • Eclectic, universal, and flexible design approach that can shift attention between decorative elements in the dressy models and overall robust architecture in the casual ones – with the overall selection benefiting in the outcome.

  • Ninety degrees: epitomized by the t-strap sandals but just as evident in the boots and booties, platforms, wedges, and other shoe categories. Intersections that divide the space into four equal parts, each constituting ninety degrees, becomes one of Nine West trademark design features; other angles 60 and 30 degrees follow closely.

  • Flats versus Heels: this underlying battle of components adds stylistic tension, becoming responsible for a lot of the aesthetic interest in the company's assortment, and eventually image. More than a few collections differ notably only in the elevation department, allowing customers to conduct a live comparison between various types of shoes.

Footwear Categories

  • Boots&Booties department contains over a hundred collections of over-the-knee, below-the-knee, mid-calf, ankle boots, and the shorter booties. The sheer variety of items contributes to an extended seasonal and occasion capacity: this section offers shoes that can be worn during harsh winter conditions (solid OTK boots) and hot summers (strapped booties). Patrick, Priska, Goodtaste, Breakaway, Foryou, Dimaris, and many other collections.

  • Pumps&Heels, including the Nine West dedicated special occasion and dressy sections, offers, once again, over a hundred different designs, several of which overlap with sandals, wedges, and booties. Besides classic guidelines of good taste, effortless elegance, and reinterpreted influences from high-fashion, no limit is placed on the creative process. Lots of different colors, materials, decorative details, and more. Qutiepie, Cassie, Jennifer, Playtag, Paradese, Peggyfo, Showitoff (!), and other collections.

  • Flats&Sandals and Slippers – all separate and dedicated departments that embody the brand's aesthetic and design precepts with enviable consistency. Some of the brand's most fun-oriented, playful, and generally leisurely shoes appear hear – proving emphatically that footwear can be a source of pleasure without frills and haute couture stress. Jemmy, Calvina, Sindy, Tovino, Seductive, Zenovia, Decent, Kalypsso, and other collections.

  • Wedges&Platforms (also comprises clogs, mules, and elevated moccasins) combines elevation with comfort, occasionally sacrificing subtlety for a more robust – but also stable – footwear architecture. Nine West will deploy tree-derived raffia and cork for some of the wedges. Noelia, Tophonor, Nicefit, Zizzy, Tomago, Lazar, Wafer, Bianco, and other collections.


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