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Nirvana Ring

Updated on February 10, 2017

The Nirvana Ring

I just adore the Nirvana Ring, it comes in a range of styles and colors from the Austrian giant Swarovski Crystal, sold all over the world. It comes in plain crystal well you can’t really say plain as crystals just catch the light and plain has gone out the window. Its all about the light and the shimmering of the crystal, that adds that glamour and glitz to your outfit.

Nirvana Tanzanite Ring

The colors are so amazing as well from the Tanzanite Nirvana Ring, with all its matching accessories, to the equally stunning Emerald Ring. They all shimmer in Swarovski crystal, these crystal rings are great for adding that fun factor to light up your day. Treat yourself or get someone to treat you to one of these stunning items. I personally like to treat myself to some bling, it just gives you that “buy me” take me home call. Amazingly we are drawn to some items, mine has always been crystals of all kinds, whether the dangling kind you can hang around a room so its catches the light.

I always go and look at this electric store nearby that sells these amazing Swarovski crystal chandeliers that dangle all the way down to the floor almost, the whole section is just these chandeliers with the sunlight and artificial light catching the crystals. Imagine wearing one of these if this is the effect of a simple chandelier.

They give you this fun, magical quality, like being a Princess whilst wearing it, you can wear them on a night out or for everyday, and they are superior quality.

Nirvana Purple Velvet Ring

Must have colour
Must have colour | Source

More on the Nirvana Ring by Swarovski

Nirvana Ring

You can find the Nirvana Crown Ring, from Swarovski Crystal as well as loads of funky designs, the designers are always way ahead in the design of crystal jewelry. So follow the link for the Nirvana Ring to find out more.

Tanzanite NIrvana Ring

Nirvana Petite Ring

Swarovski Nirvana Petite Ring
Swarovski Nirvana Petite Ring

See this so elegant petite crystal ring from Swarovski, it is a smaller version of the iconic Nirvana Ring.


Which color would you go for in the Nirvana Ring?

Which color would you go for in the Nirvana Ring?

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Swarovski Crystal featuring Nirvana Ring


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