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No! No! Hair remover: Review

Updated on April 4, 2015

A concise and honest review of the No! No! Hair remover

If you are reading this hub you most likely want to find out about the No! No! Hair remover. Does it work? Well, to answer that question your going to have to continue reading and I will be giving you an honest review of this product. I want to make it clear that I am not here to endorse this product or advertise, but just give insights to my personal experience using this product. The ups, downs, successes and failures.

Value & Cost of the product

As you can see below I purchased the black 8800 Hair remover series( for men) which I also ordered additional accessories, 2 thermicon tips (big size) and 1 thermicon (small size) tip for smaller and hard to reach areas of the body. Also came with 2 buffer pads 1 big and 1 small. Now this product is quite expensive, I spent $250+ USD for this product. Highly over priced. This product is designed NOT to last, when they manufactured this particular product they intended to have customers continuously purchasing replacement thermicon tips and even the entire kit again and again.

Every aspect of this product is designed to wear and tear. Why? So we the customers can continually purchase from the Cooperation Radiancy and generate them large sums of revenues. I remember when I was using the product (approximately for 1.5 years of use) I had to replace the thermicon tips very frequently as they either broke or over the course of time or they wore out. I even had to get hair removing operating device replaced! As the rubber which allowed the No! No! to glide became loose and the operating device could not function. What a rip off. You think when spending $250+ on something you get something worth your while, right? But no, this was not the case.

My personal experience and results

Well first off yes, I am a male with a lot of unwanted hair. So when I heard of the No! No! Hair remover back in 2012, I thought what a great idea! But I would soon find out I was gravely mistaken. Rule of thumb never, I mean NEVER believe infomercials. They heavily exaggerate the results and truth behind their products. If they could they would probably tell you that using this product has some sort of beneficial vitamin properties that would benefit your overall health. Absurd right!?!

The product does NOT work as depicted in the infomercials. You will not get results within 2 weeks. Also the product does not use any sort of "laser" to remove hair. That is completely misleading. This products uses the methodology of electrolysis, which in essence is actually harnessing an electric charge( electric current) to zap/burn off your hair. I can guarantee you there will be the pungent and obnoxious scent of burning hair within the air when using this product. If you were to set the setting to high you receive minor pains and even skin burns (which do go away), so for them to say its completely "pain free" is another misleading fact they spew at you.

So I've used the product almost everywhere and anywhere on my body which contained hair. arms, chest,etc with exception to my legs. I never saw results until 6-7 months of use down the road and I used this product religiously. I mean everyday if not every other day because I was determined to utilize this product and make it work, after all I spent over $300 USD at that point. Here is the part I want you the avid readers to take heed too. The No! No! Hair remover did indeed "reduce" hair growth, but in no way did it permanently remove my hair. When my hair grows back it does take a bit longer, and the hairs are not as thick. However keep in mind this is after using the product religiously almost everyday and set the Hair remover to "high". So again, Radiancy misleads you through infomercial saying things like, "permanent laser hair removal". I can conclude this is completely false.

Overall Experience and Impression

Would I recommend this product to anyone? I would say a big fat NO! NO! (excuse the pun). First off the product is very expensive, secondly when you are dealing with their customer support they're not there to help you but rather trying to figure out ways to sell you additional products such as accessories and swindle you. I mean I did get minor lasting results, however keep in mind I used this product like a maniac. I still remember everyday I would come back from work, I'd make time right after dinner to use the No! No!.

If you have a tight budget do not even bother trying or even think of using this product. Trust me, it is not worth your time and money. I remember after getting my No! No! hair remover replaced (once) and after ceasing the use of it for the hiatus of about 4-6 months. I recently decided to try it out again, and to my surprise guess what? The operating machine was not working anymore! Go figure! So I called customer support and also talked to the supervisor. There was absolutely nothing they could do to replace my device.

I had a valid point, I told them that fault lied with the manufacture as they sent me a faulty operating device which did not even last a year! And simply because my warranty recently expired they used that as a means to not replace the operating device. At that point I was beyond furious sent them multiple complaints and it escalated all the way to head office, and guess what? They could not even give a one time courtesy exchange out of the kindness of their heart, not to mention even out of respect for a loyal customer who continually purchased replacement accessories from them.

So there's my concise and honest review of the No! No!. It did reduce my hair growth by a bit, but who knows even how long that will last before hair returns growing back to it's normal pattern. Like I said this is NOT a permanent hair removing solution, but more like a momentary reduction of hair. Do not waste your hard earned dollars on such a refutable product and support a company that cannot even fairly execute egalitarian actions. So for all of you looking to remove your excess hair, if it is that serious of an issue for you I would suggest going to an actual and professional laser hair removal cosmetic consultant, which will yield permanent results. (keep in mind that's is VERY expensive and I don't recommend it) So I learned from my experience and that is too never ever buy products from a company like Radiancy again. I will also advise and suggest to do your research! Whenever making a large transaction of any sort of product, especially brought to you by an infomercial. Remember the beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar Corporation only looking out to make the most profit. This research could of saved me $100+ dollars and ample time. Waxing and shaving will have to suffice, until the near future when an actual permanent hair removing product is released.

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