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Not Ashamed in Make-up

Updated on November 17, 2015

What is make-up shaming? Make-up shaming is the act of shaming someone/ making fun of someone for the amount of make-up they wear, how often they wear make-up, or how they choose to wear their make-up. Now why is make-up shaming bad, well first I want to point out that shaming someone for doing something that doesn't harm or have any effect on any other person is bad. Make-up shaming is very hurtful especially when it is something someone does out of a self-esteem issue, yet not everyone wears make-up out of low self-esteem. Why would you hurt someone for doing something that makes them feel better about themselves? When they might even wear make-up to cover up their unwanted features because of that type of bullying that you are now using again. Make-up shaming is not cool and it doesn't make you better than that person you are shaming because you wear less make-up. none at all, or you wear it differently than them.

Not all people wear make-up as a self-esteem cover up, a lot of people including myself wear make-up as an art form, or to enhance their already beautiful features. Example I do my eye shadow everyday and a lot of the time I go a little overboard with the bright colors I use. One reason I do this is because I have some astonishing green eyes and whenever I wear bright eye shadow especially pink my eyes stand out even more and look ever brighter than before. I also use my makeup as a form of expression and art, being in cosmetology school I definitely want to show off my skill because that's what school is for. And I wish people would realize that before they ask me, "why do always wear make-up." I wear make-up because it's a part of my interest not because I feel I need to, I want to.

There are a lot of shaming terms you hear from a make-up shamer, cake face, fake, raccoon, slut, clown, ect. I really do hate them all, the one I think that might be the worst is fake, and when men say we are deceiving them or lying to them about the way we really look. Is that all that really matters when deciding to date someone is the way they look? If you think this way and you can't love someone with or without make-up, I'm sorry but you didn't deserve them anyways and they deserve someone better

To conclude this article I just want to say thank you for reading, I hope I have shed some light on the subject of make-up shaming and influenced someone. Also to all my make-up lovers and make up users, please don't let anyone discourage you from doing what you want with your make-up. Make-up is an art there is really no wrong way to wear it, and remember you are all also beautiful with or without make-up. Whatever you decide to do the only thing that makes a person ugly at the end of the day is an ugly personality.


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    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 23 months ago from USA

      Yes yes yes! I agree with this 100%.