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Non-Sticky Coconut Hair Oil For Your Hairs

Updated on January 3, 2011

Parachute Jasmine is the best non-sticky coconut hair oil for your hairs. As its name said Parachute Jasmine has the lingering perfume of jasmine. You can use Parachute Jasmine non stick hair oil daily for healthy and beautiful hair. It contains light mineral oil, coconut oil, perfumes. It has a material of type 3 perfumed hair oil.

Now a day's hair loss is the very critical and common problem. This Parachute Jasmine oil will help us to come over the hair loss problem and also it improves the health of our hairs. We can get the black shine on our hairs using this oil.

Now there are four rupees off on the Parachute Jasmine non sticky hair oil. Its actual MRP is 29 Rupees but with 4 Rupees off you buy it at just rupees 25! With this you can get 100ml Parachute Jasmine non stick hair oil. You can store it in a cool dark place protected from the sunlight. This oil is for external use only.


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      Lily 6 years ago

      Hi it's really good pple should try it out. No jokes..