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Non Surgical Breast Lift Methods – Secrets Revealed

Updated on August 21, 2011

This hub reveals some principles and tips of breast lift without surgery, these methods are very effective in lifting and reshaping your breast, and you don’t have to undergo the trouble of a cosmetic surgery and worry about any complications that may arise. There are several methods that help to lift your breast without implants, basically these methods can be generalized into three basic principles, and they are, eating foods and nutrients that have breast lifting effects and doing breast lift workouts.

Eating foods and nutrients that have breast lifting effects

The breast tissue is mostly made of fat cells and galactophore, the former take up a major proportion (more than 2/3) of the breast. Therefore, the size, shape and softness of the breast are mainly decided by the amount of fat in the chest, and the fat storage in the chest is closely related to diet and nutrition, especially for girls in their adolescence. As a result, eating nutrient-rich foods that contain sufficient animal fat and protein is the basic rule for breast lift and enlargement. Because in this way, the fat content of breast tissue will increase naturally, the breast will become larger and more solid to prevent sagging. However, some women only eat a strictly restricted diet in order to lose weight, some of them don’t even eat fatty foods, which may cause malnutrition in the long run and severely affect the health and appearance of the breast.

Studies have shown that some foods contain substances that can facilitate or participate in estrogen synthesis, and estrogen is the vital substance that control and size and shape of the breast. So for adolescent girls, in order to lift and enlarge the breast, a diet that contains lots of such foods is recommended. Vitamin E is an important regulator of estrogen secretion, other substances that have breast lifting and enlargement effects include B vitamins, proteins and linolenic acid. Foods such as bananas, oysters, honey, lettuce, tomato, fresh orange, carrots, eggs, wheat germ, liver, pork, beef, mutton are rich in vitamin E. B vitamins can be found in garlic, spinach, rape, potatoes, eggplant, pumpkin, cucumber, bananas, liver and fish. Foods containing linolenic acid are wheat, meat, peanuts, milk, eggs, walnuts, wheat and so on. Moreover, milk and dairy products, lean meat, eggs, soy products and so on contain lots of proteins, which are essential substances the body needs to synthesize estrogen. 

For young females whose breast size and shape are not ideal, they can eat some high energy food such as eggs, meat, peanuts, walnuts, beans, and foods rich in oils, fat storing would plump up thin body, and their breast will become upright.

For middle age and older women whose breasts are sagging, and even have some wrinkles, in order to lift up the breasts as much as possible, emphasis should be paid to vitamin E and vitamin C intake. It is reported that daily consumption of about 100 to 200 mg of vitamin E pills can lift and plump up the sagging and shriveled breasts. Consuming adequate vitamin C and nucleic acid helps to make breast skin whiter and tenderer in middle-aged women, and it will also prevent breast wrinkles. Vitamins can be found in peppers, cucumber, radish leaves, parsley, cabbage, tomatoes, oranges and lemons, and the nucleic acid can be found primarily in fish, shrimp, liver, mushrooms and many other foods.

Research shows diet plays an important role in breast growth and shape, those who often eat diets rich in animal protein and fat have relatively compact tissue in their breasts, while those who are mainly vegetarians tend to have softer breast tissues. Study also shows that, by changing their diet habits or adding more animal protein in their daily meals, people who are mainly vegetarians will have enlarged breasts after a period of time. Therefore, women who are looking for breast lift methods can change their diet habits by gradually introducing some foods rich in protein and fat, these foods are very effective in developing breast fat and lifting up sagging breast tissues.

Doing breast lift workouts

Thorax, including chest and back, are composed of 12 pairs of ribs, 1 sternum and 12 thoracic bones. The main muscle groups involved in movement are pectoralis major muscle, intercostal muscles, trapezius, latissimus dorsi and longissimus dorsi. Among them, the main muscle that comprise the chest is pectoralis major, the thickness and shape of pectoralis major directly determines the appearance and function of the breast. Great body shape and female curves couldn’t do without upright breasts, large breasts, if without the support of their nearby muscles groups, can only have a sagging appearance that are far away from female beauty. That’s why upper body workout is so important in reshaping and lifting breast, these exercise not only strengthen your major muscle groups in the chest and back, but they also help to improve the appearance of your breast. As we all know, the fullness of breast cannot do without the muscles groups behind them, then, what to do to have strong pectoralis major muscles and non-sagging breasts? There are many quick and simple exercises that can help you maintain a good breast shape. These chest workouts can be found in almost any book on body fit or on the internet. So you may want to start your own research and decide to take one of them as your daily workout routine to lift your breast. 


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