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Norelco Replacement Heads

Updated on March 23, 2010

Do you own a Philips Norelco shaver? Congratulation! You are the owner of one of the most advanced shaving device you may ever experience in your life. You probably did not know it, but maybe you suspected it when shaving with this amazing electric razor. No other shaving instrument, be it electrical or not, can give you the shaving quality in the same time.

But unfortunately, even the most advanced devices need some mainteinance, and in this case you probably noticed that the shaving quality you are getting with your Norelco electric shaver now is not as good as the one you got when you first bought it. That sucks, right. But you do not need to worry. You can bring you shaver to its old glory with just a one minute action that you need to do only once a year: replace you Norelco head and your shaver will perform like it is brand new.

The rotating heads of the shaver, in fact, tend to become duller with time, making shaving more difficult and painful (you need to press down more to get more hair cut and you risk razor burns). With just one click, you can make your shaver like new. One useful suggestion is to always keep a Norelco replacement head in your bathroom in case you feel like your old head is dull so that you do not need to find around on the Internet the right blades for your Norelco razor.

There are in fact over 10 different types of Norelco replacement blades, depending on how old and how advanced your model is. If you want to find out the right Norelco replacement head for your razor check out this guide about Norelco Replacement Blades.


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