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When to Use a Nose Hair Trimmer for Women

Updated on December 15, 2011

It’s a well known fact that as men age, hair has an unfortunate tendency to recede from the head whilst appearing in undesirable places; one of these being the nose. What is less well known however is that this can also happen in women leaving them adding a nose hair trimmer for women request on their Xmas shopping list!

In some ways it is perhaps worse for a woman; men are almost expected to have that hairy rough and ready look as they get older whilst this is, for the vast majority of people, not an attractive look on a woman.

Weighed against the grooming factor however is the fact that nasal hair does actually fulfill a role and a very useful one at that as it acts as a kind of filter to prevent minute particles of dust and also germs from entering our lungs and airways and causing potentially serious respiratory problems.

So how should a woman go about removing nasal hair bearing in mind the previous point? Well, whilst nasal hair is important, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be visible and can at least be trimmed, minimizing its visibility whilst leaving its primary function intact.

The natural tendency is perhaps to reach for the tweezers and pluck the offending hair from its root. However this is definitely not recommended as the hair inside our nose is incredibly sensitive and as well as causing your eyes to water may well bleed and become infected as well as removing its effect as a protective barrier.

A small pair of scissors is an option but once again not recommended as it is extremely difficult to do this yourself and is highly likely to lead to a painful accident as well as a possible trip to the hospital.

General hair removal cream is not suitable for the job either due to the sensitivity of the inside of our nose which leaves the most suitable option of buying a nose hair trimmer for women. Whilst most of the models on the market are largely aimed at men, there are a number of elegantly designed nose hair trimmers for women that are widely available online to help you get rid of that unwanted nose hair without the pain and risks of plucking them.


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