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Nose Job Pictures Before and After

Updated on November 8, 2015

These before and after nose job pictures will help you decide upon whether you will elect to have rhinoplasty.

With every generation that passes, cosmetic surgery becomes more common and more accepted among the general population.

Once limited to wealthy Americans, nose jobs now can be fully financed and paid in installments over two to five years, allowing the middle income American to reap the benefits of an improved image. Most often, this loan process can initiated in the surgeon's own office.

Before and After Pictures of People that Have Undergone Rhinoplasty

You will notice in some of the before pictures that some involve nose bridge work exclusively, and some patients have also undergone non-bone tissue reconstruction -- for example around the nostrils, and on or under the tip of the nose.

While the only concern for many patients is to opt for a smoother look by refining the bridge of the nose, be aware that you might want to consider reconstructing non-bone nose tissue to achieve a more even look overall. Discuss this with your surgeon. Remember, you only want to be operated on once and be satisfied with the work.

Nose Job Pictures Before and After
Nose Job Pictures Before and After | Source

Excellent Nose Job (above)

This is an example of an excellent nose job. Not only is the slight "hook" gone, but the area between the nostrils and the tip of the nose have been smoothed out.


Bridge Hook and Bridge Width (above)

Not everyone is simply concerned with a slight "hook." The patient above had bridge width issues that were refined. This type of rhinoplasty might require extra recovery time, as it involves a lot of bone work. The above patient also had non-bone tissue reconstruction that was very well done as well, especially at the tip of the nose.


Smoothed Look (above)

The above patient had her bridge smoothed out and her tip refined, resulting in a nose that fits her face perfectly. The rate of teenaged girls and young women opting for rhinoplasty over the last ten years has greatly increased.

More Before and After Photos

Perfect Before and After Asian Nose Job
Perfect Before and After Asian Nose Job | Source


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