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Nose Piercing Jewelry

Updated on May 11, 2012
nose rings
nose rings | Source

Ring in the nose is one among important details in style of modern and progressive people who are able to think unordinary and uncompromising.

Types of body jewelry for nose piercing

There are two types of body jewelry for nose piercing:

- nose screw

- nose stud

Principally they differ only by the way of fastening. “Nose stud” has a ball in shape of a small drop on one end, which holds jewelry on its spot and “nose screw” is curl, which tightly and securely holds jewelry in its spot.

Advantage of a “nose stud” is that it may be easily inserted and taken out. However, a piercing should not be of a bigger diameter than the diameter of jewelry (usually it is 1mm).

Advantage of a “ nose screw” is that it holds up securely in any piercing and does not turn around, which is very important if jewelry does not have a round form.

Body jewelry for nose piercing usually is made of surgical steal, silver or gold.

The most popular spot for nose piercing is one of nostrils. It is possible to locate piercing in any spot along the whole length of the nostril. Owner chooses a piercing spot him/her self.

14K Gold Nose Stud with 1.5mm Round clear CZ, 18 Ga
14K Gold Nose Stud with 1.5mm Round clear CZ, 18 Ga | Source
14K Gold Nose Screw with Ball tip, 20 Ga
14K Gold Nose Screw with Ball tip, 20 Ga | Source

Nose Piecing Features

Masters say that nostril piercing is the most difficult one, because it is difficult to calculate the length of body jewelry. Usually steel tubes are used with nose piercing. Depending of a spot, your piercing may heal over from five days to two months. Comparing to the ear piercing, nose piercing is very painful one to do.

Nose piercing types

- Septum piercing. This piercing is known as the most painful among all piercings on the face. Anastasia would not help in this case, since cartilage’s septa would not freeze totally. Such nose puncture is technically complicated and you should not do it at home. Jewelry in a shape of hooves or rings is often used with septa piercing.

- Bridge piercing is the piercing in the bridge of the nose area. There are horizontal and vertical punctures. Bar is jewelry for this type of piercing.

- Tip of the nose piercing is done from inside of the upper part of a nostril toward the tip of the nose.

- Austin Bar piercing is a piercing of the tip of the nose horizontally. Cartilage’s septum is not touched with this type of piercing.

- Septril piercing - lower side of nose’s tip is punctured. It is done on the centre through the wider piercing of septum in direction toward the lower edge of the nose.

There are different combinations besides those listed types of piercing.

Nose Piercing Types Photo

Septum Piercing
Septum Piercing | Source
Septum Piercing
Septum Piercing | Source
Septum Piercing
Septum Piercing | Source
Septum Piercing
Septum Piercing | Source

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Nose Piercing Care

Care procedure is as usual, treatment with antiseptic twice a day. Even from a medical point of view, nose piercing is technically not a difficult thing. However, nobody is secure from possible complications. It does not matter if you get it at home or in a salon. Every person has his/her own anatomical peculiarities. There are contradictories when it is not recommended to get a piercing.

Piercing is in some way a psychic trauma; therefore, a list of contradictions starts with people who have epilepsy and psychic disorders. It is not recommended to get a piercing for women in premenstrual period and during pregnancy.


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    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Yes, nose piercing can be nice and it goes back a long way, too; it's even mentioned in the Bible in Ezekiel 16.12 when God gives Zion a nose ring.

      Re. the pictures above, it also goes to show just how widespread arm tattoos for women are now.