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Nothing Matches The Allure Of Gold Karat Cufflinks

Updated on March 20, 2011

Gold Cufflinks Are The Ultimate Gift For Any Man

Gold cufflinks are an elegant accessory that adds style and sophistication to any formal outfit. Along with platinum and silver cufflinks, gold cufflinks are considered a classic ornament for men's shirts. Gold cufflinks are more commonly worn to formal functions that require require a suit and tie to be worn.

White tie events have very strict clothing requirements while a black tie event is a little less formal, allowing more variation of apparel. Since either of these occasions leave you with many options for clothing, your ensemble might be quite boring. A pair of classic gold or silver cufflinks can add a stylish touch.

Gold Cufflinks Are Elegant & Luxurious

For the man who has everything, how about a set of diamond encrusted 18 karat gold cufflinks? Only $2,500!
For the man who has everything, how about a set of diamond encrusted 18 karat gold cufflinks? Only $2,500!

Gold is the most basic color of accessory to choose when dressing in a formal manner. The only other thing to consider when wearing gold cufflinks is that any other accessories you are wearing should match your links. Since the only other colors in your attire consist of black and white, it's important that your accessories are at least the same color tone. For instance, if you're wearing a belt buckle, ring, bracelet, wristwatch or any other jewelry, they should be gold as well. Mixing gold and silver accessories can be a major faux pas.

A pair of gold cufflinks range in design styles from very detailed to just simple. They can come in solid gold or can have a two-toned appearance. You'll also find them with crafted inlays of gem stones like onyx, opal, pearl or diamonds. The type of inlay influences the price. Gold cufflinks with diamond studs can cost thousands of dollars.

18 karat solid gold cufflinks provide a gold lustre and depth that 14 karat gold just can't match.
18 karat solid gold cufflinks provide a gold lustre and depth that 14 karat gold just can't match.

Opt For 18 Karat Solid Gold Cufflinks

One of the leading online web etailers for mens cufflinks is Cufflinks UK which sells and ships all your cuff link anywhere in the world. They don't handle vintage cufflinks, but you can select from over 1,500 new styles.

If you are shopping for a gold cufflink, you might be tempted to opt for a set of 14k gold cufflinks. This might not be your best option, as although this grade of gold is very durable and popular, 18 karat gold will give you a far greater sheen and gold coloration in your mens gold cufflinks. You certainly don't want to go with 24 karat solid gold cufflinks, as although the gold color is stunning, the metal is far too soft and will scratch and dent easily.

White gold cufflinks are becoming quite popular lately and if you have the budget for it, you can certainly blow the credit card balance on gold engraved cufflinks, gold onyx cufflinks or even gold bar cufflinks. If you are independently wealthy or you're buying a gift for the man who has everything, then a set of gold diamond cufflinks can be your best bet. If the man you're buying for is a connoisseur of the finer classic things in life, then by all means look into the beauty and history behind a gorgeous set of antique gold cufflinks.

Quality gold cufflinks with Geneve watches built in... a bargain at $1,500!
Quality gold cufflinks with Geneve watches built in... a bargain at $1,500!

Gold Cufflinks Are Family Heirlooms

 If you're seeking some gold cufflinks of a novelty type, choose ones with a playful design. Gold plated cufflinks are cheaper than real gold, making them ideal if you're on a restrained budget. For a personal touch, gold cufflinks can engraved with initials or romantic phrase. Monogrammed cufflinks make a great gift.

Classic gold cufflinks can be timeless. In most families they are highly treasured and are usually passed down from generation to generation.  If you are thinking of purchasing some, you could consider them as an investment.

Some Magnificent Gold Cufflinks

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