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Now Custom Made Suits and Other Men's Custom Tailored Garments Can Be Bought With Confidence Online.

Updated on July 19, 2013
A Custom Made Suit Is Now Even Easier To Buy - Online!
A Custom Made Suit Is Now Even Easier To Buy - Online!

There are some things that can very easily be bought online, and others that can’t. There are, of course, many websites where you can purchase fabulous clothing, right off the peg and ready to wear. This has not always been the case, however, with tailored, bespoke clothing and, in particular, the men’s made-to-measure suit.

The problem with purchasing a made-to-measure garment is that there are usually several occasions where the tailor needs to meet with the customer in order to take measurements, make adjustments and ensure that the garment fits the client correctly. This process lends itself more readily to the tailor who is based on the high street, local to the customer and for that reason, the growth of the online bespoke tailoring business has been somewhat slower than for other clothing businesses online.

All of that, however, is about to become history and that is down to a brilliant new concept that has recently started to appear on the internet.

So what is this new idea that has now made it easy for people to order a tailored suit online with absolute confidence. The answer, like so many ground-breaking ideas, is surprisingly simple - it is called the Testing Suit, it is absolutely free and it removes all doubts about purchasing a bespoke suit or garment online.

How Does a Testing Suit Work When Ordering Custom Made Suits?

The idea of a supplier making a suit for you to try, for free, as a measurement tool for ensuring that the final garment fits you perfectly, is certainly simple and it shows how, gradually over time, even the trickiest problems and barriers to online trade can be overcome.

Once you have submitted your measurements, choice of fabric and style to them, using an online easy-to-use guide, a free testing suit will be made and sent to you. You then try on the suit and feedback any changes and other requirements to the manufacturer. The testing suit is yours to keep, the only thing you would have to pay for is the delivery cost.

Can I Be Confident Of Getting A Good Quality Product?

If you have plenty of money and can afford to make several visits to Saville Row in London or a similar famous tailoring destination local to where you live, you will, undoubtedly, come away with a finely crafted product but it will be at a cost both in terms of money and in terms of your time taken to make the visits to the tailor to be measured and for amendments to be made.

Online suppliers are sensible enough to know that they cannot claim to be a substitute for that level of local personal service but, equally, they appreciate that not everyone has the budget for Saville Row or similar high-end bespoke work, let alone the time for all the fittings and measurement sessions that such a purchase entails.

What is now available is a realistic alternative, at an lower price compared to the high street bespoke tailor, that is within the budgetary means of almost everyone. All such work is guaranteed, sometimes for up to an amazing 365 days, yes that's one full years guaranteed money back security.. If that doesn’t confirm that they todays online suppliers are supremely confident in their product, nothing will.

Is There Much Choice Of Fabric and Style When Selecting Custom Made Suits Online

When buying a bespoke mens suit or other tailored garment it is important to get the measurement and fit right, of course. The choice of styling and material is also important however – even the best fitting suit will not look right if the cloth and styling do not suit the wearer.

Potential customers need have no fears in that direction, they are able to choose from an amazing range of fabrics, linings, styles and designs displayed on the online catalogues published by the online suppliers. There is truly a suit for all purposes, leisure and casual through to the most corporate of business styles and they can all be yours for a very reasonable cost, within a few days.

Are There Well Established Suppliers Of Custom Made Suits and Mens Custom Tailored Garments Online?

Many manufacturers of suits and other articles of mens clothing have been established a long time as normal offline suppliers. These suppliers have identified that, if they are to survive and indeed grow, they have to adapt their business model to the online marketplace.

As a result, many suppliers have now turned to the Internet to offer their skills at a lower budget that reflects the savings in overheads that online suppliers enjoy. This means that it is now truly possible to purchase a top quality mens suit at a very reasonable price.


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    • profile image

      crazydude1999 4 years ago

      The concept sounds interesting, but never heard of this site. Also, the delivery seems pretty long, if I take a test and a final suit, according to their site, almost two months to receive all.