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Nu Skin Hair Care Line - Perfect for Anybody's Hair

Updated on July 13, 2011

Every one of us at some time has had to deal with hair. For women we are constantly dealing with hair. For men you are either dealing with thick hair, have shaved your head or are dealing with balding. Regardless every one of us has to deal with hair at some point in their lives. Hair is critical to how we feel about ourselves and is something that we are daily taking care of. Most of us wash our hair daily or at least several times during the week. If it is getting oily we recognize that it is time to wash. Then there is the hairspray, gel, mousse, blow drying and all of the other things we have to do with our hair to make it hold up for the day. Our hair takes a beating everyday.

Have you ever gone to get your hair cut and the hair stylist tells you that your ends are dead or that your hair needs some better care. Often times they will suggest different types of care for your hair. Some people even deal with hair falling out because of the care of their hair. Then there are those that struggle to get their hair to cooperate or do anything due to the damage that has been caused to hair.

Often times we seek out different products to try to repair our hair, give it the body that we strive to achieve and hold it in place. We even look at different products for shampoo and conditioner. Some will say that conditioner will weigh down your hair and others will say that if you don’t put conditioner on your hair that it will dry out and break the ends. There are millions of products to choose from and it can be difficult to figure out the best product to use. The other challenge is that certain brands offer certain products, but not whole lines.

Nu Skin Hair Care is a new product line that is ready to meet the needs of every individual. They have thoroughly done their research and the Nu Skin hair care line is ready to help your hair look healthy and give it the lift and meet the needs you have in taking care of your hair. The Nu Skin hair care line will rejuvenate your hair and restore, strengthen and protect you hair. This is something that can happen in 7 days instead of years.

There are several products in the line and they each serve their own purpose. Let’s take a look at each of the products in the new Nu Skin Hair Care line.

First is the clarifying shampoo. The clarifying shampoo has shea butter seedcake extract. This will allow the shampoo to attach to buildup in the hair. This can be such things as nicotine, chlorine and environmental pollutants. With the shampoo it will leave your hair feel clean and shiny. You don’t have to wait days for your hair to feel this way. This will come with even the first wash. You will be amazed at how great your hair feels after seven days. Many will worry about using a shampoo that would strip the hair of its natural moisturizers, but this shampoo will not do that. You will definitely want to use all of the Nu Skin Hair Care line along with the shampoo.

There is also the option of the moisturizing shampoo. This is a great shampoo if you are over heating, over treating and over coloring your hair. If you are in this situation you know that your hair is looking dull and is feeling weak. This shampoo features a cotton bloom extract and shea butter which is a nourishing cleanser.

Then there is the option of the balancing shampoo. Every shampoo that you purchase does different things for your hair, but often times a shampoo can strip away the natural moisture in your hair which will leave your hair dry and dull. This is a shampoo that will provide the perfect balance of cleansing and moisturirzing. This is a great everyday shampoo that helps your hair feel clean and shiny. It contains cotton bloom extract and wheat protein.

Once you have figured out which shampoo you would like to use then you will want to use the Renu Hair Mask. Just like a mask for your face to get the dry skin and to keep you skin feeling and looking clean your hair can use a mask. This is a deep conditioning treatment. This mask will help prevent split ends and breakage. When you take care of your hair you will find that the mask will make hair smooth, shiny and manageable. You will see the mask take effect and really help your hair within seven days. The mask is believed to be the secret weapon to helping your hair look younger.

Now, let’s take a look at the conditioner. There are two different conditioners. One is a rich conditioner. It has a low pH to seal the hair cuticle so it will increase the moisture retention. This will give an amazing shine. This conditioner will cover the hair with lipids that mimics natural oils. With this action it will help your hair feel younger and healthier. This conditioner has shea butter and a meadow foam. The meadow foam provides volume without adding weight to your hair. It also helps hold the moisture in the hair shaft. With this action it helps the hair seem fuller.

There is also the weightless conditioner. This is “all the conditioning without the weight.” This has meadow foam complex that is set to repair and prevent damage to your hair. This will help your hair feel more manageable instantly. This will help your hair feel soft and smooth. This conditioner also contains amino acids.

When you choose the correct shampoo and conditioner and then use the renu hair mask on your hair the Nu Skin Hair Care will provide your hair with all that you need for healthier, younger, smoother and lighter hair. When it comes right down to it that is what we are all after with our hair.


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    • jonathannatural2 profile image

      Dustin Thompson 6 years ago

      We are glad you like it. Nu Skin has been a trusted product for ages.