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Nursery Room Essentials: What Items You Need for Your Baby Room

Updated on March 15, 2011

Our Nursery Room

Whether you're having a girl or boy, there are some essential nursery room items that will make this life changing experience easier.  Here's a list of the things we have found valuable.

A Changing Table-This is a must have.  You change up to 10 diapers a day and it is so worth the money to have a comfortable spot to lay down your babe and comfortably and safely change him/her.  We bought ours from Pottery Barn Kids and it has two exposed shelves underneath. They don't have the same one anymore on their website, but there are others to check out and eBay might have one.   I have six labeled baskets on the shelves that contain diapers, pajamas, blankets, misc. baby items, linens, and baby toys.  There are a few slots on the top of the table where I have diaper cream, hand sanitizer and lotion, hair combs and bands, nail clippers, and a thermometer.  We have an attached diaper warmer that hangs on the end of the table.  If you don't have a lot of space in the baby room, you can use the top of a dresser as a changing table.  We figured we would have more than one child and that it would be a good investment to buy the specific changing table.  I love the open shelving too.  It makes it very easy to grab what you need especially with a squirmy baby. 

Crib-Obviously a crib is a necessity, unless you plan on co-sleeping.  We bought a crib that turned into a toddler bed, but we never converted it.  Once our toddler was big enough, we moved her into a twin bed with a railing and the new baby is in the crib.  The CPSC discourages the use of used cribs, but if you do buy used, be sure to get one that meets current safety regulations.  Corner posts should not extend more than 1/16 inch above the top of the end panel and there shouldn't be more than 2-3/9 inches between slats to avoid baby becoming trapped.  Use a mattress that fits tightly and make sure all screws and bolts are secure. If you decide to repaint, be sure to use lead-free enamel paint and check the paint can for any warnings. 

Comfortable Chair-Mamas, you will be up in the middle of the night and sitting in an uncomfortable chair makes this process even harder.  Before our first daughter was born, when I was big and pregnant, my grandmother and I went looking for a good glider.  We knew we found the right one when we both sat down and didn't want to get up.  We bought the glider and gliding ottoman from Pottery Barn Kids.  It's a great one and It still is my favorite place to nurse. 

Baby Items- Here are a few more items you should have on-hand:  ear and oral thermometer, mittens for when you have a newborn so they don't scratch themselves, bathtub, first-aid kit, grooming kit, body wash, monitor, Boudreaux's Butt Paste, pacifier, diapers, wipes, 3 crib sheets, 5 blankets, 5 night sleepers (we love the sacs because it's easy to change the baby in the night), 2 hats, a hooded towel, 3 washcloths, 8 burp cloths, and a diaper pail.  I recommend either the Diaper Genie or Diaper Champ once your baby starts solids or if they are formula fed. Yes, there is a big difference in the smell.

Additional Helpful Items-Baby swing, Gymini, and a bouncy seat.

The baby swing is a great thing to have, especially with a new born.  I loved the Graco Sweet Peace swing because you could remove the base and move the baby with you.  It acts as a vibrating seat as well, plays music, as well as other sounds.  It's really snuggly and a great swing!

Having a gymini for when your baby is a little bigger is great.  They love to look up at all of the toys and begin grabbing for them.  Once they can turn over, they can play with the items on the mat or get tummy time before they are able to flip over.

The bouncy seat is a great safe place to keep the baby when you have to do things around the house.  I would sit the bouncy seat by me when taking care of the other kids or making dinner.  You know the baby is safe and they are entertained by the toys on the seat.  Win, win!

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      • Samantha Gold profile image

        Samantha Gold 5 years ago

        Great tips for the first time mother to be!