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Nutra Sonic Face and Body Brush

Updated on June 17, 2010

Nutra Sonic Face and Body Brush

Nutra Sonic Face and Body Brush

Ok I have a new infomercial beauty product I am tempted to buy.  It is the Nutra Sonic Face and Body Brush.  This is an infomercial that I saw on a UK tv channel and that my friend across the pond showed me an ad for.  (He is just as hooked on As Seen On TV products as I am). 

The Nutra Sonic Face and Body Brush is a deluxe cleansing system that kind of reminds me of the spinning head tooth brushes.  Those clean the heck out of my teeth and I don’t think I could ever go back to a normal brush.  Because of how much I really enjoy my spinning head brush and after trying the Derma Seta painless hair removal product this is an obvious no brainer for me to want to try. 

NutraSonic is pretty much exactly what it looks like.  A face and body brush that is supposed to be gentle enough that you can use it up to two times a day in your own home to help give your skin superior cleansing and leave it feeling soft and amazing.  NutraSonic was tested on a group of people according to the Nutra Sonic website and a shocking 100% of the people in the test had reported that Nutra Sonic helped give them cleaner, softer and an overall improvement in their skin appearance. 

93% of the users in the Nutra Sonic test group reported back that after using the NutraSonic face and body brush they had a noticeable difference in firmness and elasticity (which is seriously important to many of us as not many of us end up getting younger each year.  Myself not included ;-)). 

The numbers and feedback from the test group on Nutra Sonic came back amazing with people reporting visible smaller pores, and improvements in skin tightness and tone.  Because I hit another “milestone” in years this year, things like tightening and toning are important to me and when I see numbers like this being shown, I usually want to go for it.  The one issue I am having is that I am only seeing the Nutra Sonic available for sale in the UK.  If I lived in the UK then I would probably be jumping at the NutraSonic, but since I don’t live there I may have to ask my friend if he can pick one up for me and send it to me here in the US.  If you live in the UK or have bought or tried Nutra Sonic, let us know how you loved or hated it below. 


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    • profile image

      Wendy 6 years ago

      Bought one at Homesense - I love it.