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Pretty Nylon and Silk Sleepwear For Men

Updated on April 19, 2010

Sleep is the time where our dreams take flight, where the constraints of reality fade away, and with a healthy shot of natural DMT, we drift into worlds of new possibility. For men who love to wear lingerie, nighttime is the perfect time to indulge their fancies with lovely nylon sleepwear.

Nylon nightgowns come in all shapes and sizes to suit all tastes. From flowing long nightgowns that trail romantically along the floor in a fashion reminiscent of a Regency romance novel, to cute, short little nightgowns that barely reach the thighs.

If you're dealing with a spouse who objects to the lingerie and kicks up a bedtime fuss if you dare slip into bed wearing a nightgown, you can either point out that up until a couple of hundred years ago, both men and women wore nightgowns to bed, or you can try instead wearing light nylon lace boxer shorts with a camisole top. That way you will still enjoy the sweet embrace of nylon and your significant other's indignant rage will be mollified by the fact that your pants are bifurcated.

Perfect for this look is something like the Ke'Koqueta Silk Cami / Babydoll / Bedshort Combo. Look at that lovely apple red silk and the very stylish, slightly retro lace trim around the legs of the shorts and the top of the bust. This is truly a beautiful piece of sleepwear lingerie that you'd have to be either heartless or blind to say no to. (All of the lingerie in this piece can be found at , if you are interested in picking up some for yourself.)

If shorts aren't your thing, but vintage is, those who are free to take their nylon fancies to whatever lengths they see fit may find treats in the vintage sections of Ebay and local thrift stores. You'd be surprised what treasures have been bundled up and thrown away in favor of more modern, less comfortable styles. Olga nightgowns in particular, are well known for their soft touch and lovely light feminine style. There are some significant bargains to be found if you don't mind the fact that your lingerie may once have sat against someone else's skin.

Alternatively, if one is possessive about these sorts of things, one can always purchase lovely modern nightgowns. Shirley of Hollywood is known for creating beautiful modern nightgowns made not in nylon, but charmeuse satin, and honestly, its worth putting aside the nylon dream for a taste of the satin lifestyle. You'll feel like the perfect lady when you slip into one of these beautiful garments that sheathe your body in satin topped with just a touch of lace about the bust region for a little added interest.

Night time lingerie is often overlooked by men who love lingerie in favor of the obvious bras and panties and whatnot, but some of the most beautiful, comfortable pieces of lingerie fall into the sleepwear category. Don't let them pass you by like satiny slips in the night.


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    • profile image

      suzier 8 years ago

      "My wife hates the idea of my feminine needs and is a bit tolerant but most definitely not accepting nor supportive."

      I find this extremely sad. Admittedly the first time he mentioned having worn my nightie or that he had on pink panties....I was a little shocked but this has become quite interesting. Hopefully she will change her opinions and and learn to enjoy this 'side' of you.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      :( @ the part where you and your wife no longer go to bed together. :) to the rest

    • profile image

      Berta CD 8 years ago

      I luxuriate in bed every night in satin nightgowns or the occasional silky nylon Shadowline ones. My wife hates the idea of my feminine needs and is a bit tolerant but most definitely not accepting nor supportive. I go to bed long after she does and get out of bed while she's in the bathroom cleaning up in the morning. I take off my floor-length or calf-length nightgown and hang in my closet under my black satin robe (part of a set purchased on-line from Some years ago I discovered exquisite satin sleep shirts by Jones New York that are very plain but silky charmeuse satin. I wear one of these over the top of my nightgown and hopefully leave her with the impression I'm sleeping in a unisex satin shirt!

      I hate the fact that Shadowline went bankrupt and that I'm unable to find any more of these beautiful Jones New York sleep-shirts! It is so difficult to find pretty feminine lingerie to fit my 3-4X size male body. (BTW note that Shirley of Hollywood's creations run small compared to normal plus sizes!)

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Legendary responses and help everybody. Thanks for your input!

    • sandeepbirla03 profile image

      sandeepbirla03 8 years ago from United State

      Excellent, Hope! Except I wish I could find some long lingerie that trails along on the floor.

    • profile image

      SteveD 8 years ago

      Almost every night I sleep in Shadowline Nightdress. I stocked up before they went out of Business. Nice to know they are still out there to purchase.

    • Gr8legs profile image

      Gr8legs 8 years ago

      A possible solution for STORMY08. This one depends on how whether you can use a sewing machine.

      One idea for getting full length is to buy two identical items. Cut one in half just below the waistline, cut the other in half jusy below the bustline and sew the two long halves together to make a gown that reaches the floor. You'll probably find that by doing this you not only have a gown that reaches the floor, but one that actually trails on the floor!

      Measure across the width of the gowns at the areas indicated above to find two points on the gown with identical measurements and cut there. Remember to cut below your seamline at the bust & above the seamline at the waist to allow for hemming (about an inch). By doing this it is possible to make a full-length gown that reaches the all the way floor, if it is done with a design that reaches below the knee.

      Doing this does leave a seam below the waistline, but you can always be creative and put in a matching (or contrasting) lace insert that looks like it is part of the design and adds a little extra je-ne-sais-quoi.

      If you're not so clever with a sewing machine yourself you could always take the idea to a seamstress (friend or professional) to do the cutting & sewing for you.

    • profile image

      Rob 8 years ago

      Wow I just love the pink one. I would love one of them

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Great tip, Niqqi! Thank you for that. :)

    • profile image

      Niqqi 8 years ago

      Stormy08 can have them custom made by going to the ebay store "dpsparkle Deja Vu Creations". One can give her the measurements desired and she will make it.

    • profile image

      Sherman 8 years ago

      I'd check consignment shops. You may be surprised by what is very good quality and fine condition at a thrift store. I've often been pleasantly surprised by what I find mixed in among the worn.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      That's a good question Stormy, I don't right now, but I will look into it :)

    • Stormy08 profile image

      Stormy08 8 years ago from Here, There, and Everywhere

      Excellent, Hope! Except I wish I could find some long lingerie that trails along on the floor. The longest I have found so far are about 54-56" long (Olga, love them! and Shadowling). I am 6'tall, have a long torso (so much for all in ones...), and the long gowns that trail the floor, and are as good looking as the blue one here, or Olga, or Shadowline just aren't to be found. Do you have a source for the longer gowns - say minimum of 60-62" long?