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OPI’s Halloween Specials 2012: Nail Shades To Go Goth With

Updated on October 10, 2012
Creative nail art for All Hallows' Eve
Creative nail art for All Hallows' Eve | Source

Nail Enamels and Lacquers for the Spooky Season

Halloween time again right around the corner, and in 2012 you have the opportunity to ‘Go Goth’ with OPI’s scary shades resurrected from the grave, so pull out that twenty dollar bill you’ve been saving for just such an occasion, and pick up a mini lacquer set with four new shades to fit the season; or, you can mix and match your own preferences from OPI's exhaustive range of nail lacquers. At rock bottom prices on, you won't need to go to hot parties with hideous unpainted nails this Halloween 2012.

Typical of OPI’s normal shades, these rehashed ones are heavy on the personality. Set off your witch’s costume to good effect, or simply accent your dark side with these enamels of envy. This range is guaranteed to put the Goth back in Gothic.

The Many Hues of Halloween

Shade 1: Sanguine - Neither red nor brown, this shade sets into a dried metallic blood look. Perfect for that ‘brides of Dracula’ look, you’ll agree. If you’re truly one of these mythical women, then wear it all year round if you like. After all, none will live to tell about it even if they do see you at the office wearing it. Or will they?

Shade 2: Nevermore – This dark shade of metallic purple is perfect if you like to stand apart in a crowd – of hands. Teachers will notice you in class when they ask a question, as will everyone within a mile of you. For the fun teen, this might be just the perfect shade to wear all Halloween.

Shade 3: Un-Ripened – This unique color (like all the others aren’t) is sure to bring out the green eyed monster in anyone. The glittery teal with specks of dark-colored turquoise that stand out despite the dark base tone. It’s guaranteed to help you switch between youthful vibrancy and sedate maturity at the flick of a fingernail.

Shade 4: Obscurity – This very unique shade is also perfect for the dark-hearted male. The matte finish ensures no gloss or shine whatever – suede is what it looks like. It will bring out your dark side like nothing else will - wear this and never be the same again.

OPI has some uniquely designed nail-art inspired by the spooky season. Try the featured products featured here or browse through and find out what will make your heart stop this Halloween. Long live the undead!


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