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Ten Ways to Show your Sooner Spirit: Best OU Apparel Matchups

Updated on November 29, 2010

The Traditional Fan, The Traditional Look

This dude's a classic. He watches all the games, knows the stats like the back of his hand, and is always ready to defend his team in any situation. The classic OU hat fits neatly on the top of his head, and his OU T-Shirt is a perfect fit.

This is the guy that you run into at the store, basket full of chips and soda, eagerly waiting for the next football party. His calm demeanor is only shattered when the Oklahoma Sooners intercept the ball at the five yard line and run the length of the field to score the winning touchdown. Really, he's just one classic dude.

Back in Black: The Savage Fan

Sure, this guy's laid back most of the time, but once he gets to the game it's all fourth quarter, 1:08 on the clock, game-on-the-line mode. He savagely cuts into the opposing team using every form of profanity, insult and defamation they know. He holds back little even when it comes to his own team. If the Sooners aren't living up to his own expectations, don't be surprised to find him screaming at their own players, coaches, or team as a whole.

His black OU Sooners cap may sit slightly askew, and he may pull and tear at his black OU Sonners T-shirt, but don't let that fool you.  Once the game is over, he immediately returns back to his old laid back self.

Oldies but Goodies: The Vintage Fan

If you want to know what the stats were for the first O.U. Sooner Football game was way back in 1895, this is the guy to ask. He's been following Sooner Football since he was a kid, just as his father before him. He can tell you about the Sooner drought from 1966 to 1972, and how Barry Switzer changed the face of Sooner ball. This is the guy that calmly sits back and watches the game, studying every move as if preparing for the final exam.

At the game, his Crimson Pigskin Flapper Cap and Sooners Vintage Pullover keeps him warm as he analyzes the teams in-depth strategies. Just be warned, he'll want to hold a four-hour long dissertation on the strengths and weaknesses of the team.

The Professional Fan: Confident and Cocky as Always

This ladies-man is a delight to have around. Always ready with the smooth compliment or the witty remark, this Sooner fan thrives on challenge. Before each game, he's confident that the opposing players will go home weeping like little school-girls after getting beat 42-3.This is the guy you want with you when you go to a game, especially when you want front row tickets.

He waves his silk tie like a battle pennant with each consecutive touchdown. His Natural Corderoy dress shirt is neatly pressed, although comfortably un-tucked. After the Sooners have won, you may find him at the bar having a few celebratory drinks as his pals boast about the game.

The Trendy, not-so-obvious Fan

This is the young hipster that's proud of who he is. He knows no fear, and will walk straight into the OSU camp waving the OU flag as if it was a challenge to the death. When the Sooners are down by two touchdowns, he's the guy that'll tell you straight up how it is, and then laugh in your face when the Sooners win again.

To see him walking down the street in his Oklahoma Sooners NCAA 59Fifty Wrath Hat and his trendy dark OU t-shit you may not recognize him for a fan, but watch out, he'll put you in your place if you say otherwise.

Get your Plaid On, the Preppy Fan

His dictation is perfect, his dress is casual, and he may have a 4.0, but come game-time, he turns into an animal. With half of his body painted crimson, he screams into the crowd as he waves his giant foam hand in the air. These are the guys that really get the crowd going, especially when it seems as if all hope is lost. He's the team leader, the point man, the crowd-rallying, go-get-em no holes barred man. Without him, the stands would seem empty.

Wearing his plaid OU hat and his oxford ringer Sooner t-shirt, he strolls around campus as if he's on top of the world. Even his Oklahoma Sooners Plaid Boardshorts allow him to move freely, never missing a step as he lets his confidence show.

Go Incognito, the Proud-To-Be-A-Redneck fan

This is the guy that everyone loves. He never misses a game. He may be 50 miles out in the deep woods, covered in deer pee, but you know he'll have his trusty black-and-white TV strapped to his tree stand. When the game comes on, he's all about football, everything else just fades away.

You'll know him immediately when you first catch a glimpse of his Oklahoma Sooners camo mossy oak camp hat, and his camouflage Sooners hunting t-shirt will leave no doubt.

Sooner be a Farmboy Fan

He may run a farm, he may have hundreds of cows, but when it's game time, the cows go to bed and the game comes on. These are hard working-hard living guys. They know how to get down and dirty, and aren't a bit afraid to do it. At the same time, these are the guys that bring life to the game. They're into the action - hard hits, glorious tackles, they can't get enough of it.

Typically wearing their Oklahoma Sooners straw cowboy hat, they're easy to spot. One can clearly see the Oklahoma Sooners cardinal schooner T-Shirt standing out against the John Deere green of their tractor. When you're around the farmboy fan, expect great hospitality and good times.

Don't Forget the Ladies

Football wouldn't be football without the ladies. While it has been historically a male dominated sport, more and more women are getting into the action. The female Oklahoma Sooner may range from those sweet, innocent housewives to the wild-and-crazy-take-your-top-off-and-twirl-it-like-a-flag types.. We love 'em all. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are always a delight to have around.

You see them at every game, and it's no lie when someone says that they are more energetic than the men. They'll scream and cuss just like a sailor, and then turn around and be the most beautiful, innocent person you've ever seen. It's a paradox, but Sooner football brings out the best.. and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Raise 'em good, Raise 'em right: Sooner Fan KidStuff

Nobody can resist smiling when an innocent child shows off their Sooner spirit. There's something that touches the heart when a young boy first learns to play the sport. Decked out in his Oklahoma Sooners team uniform set, he strikes a majestic pose as he takes the field to do battle. His face beams as he catches his first interception and catches the eye of the cute girl on the sidelines. She knows she'll make his heart melt in her Oklahoma Sooners Cheerleader dress. It's all part of the game of life, and all part of Sooner football.

And still, nobody can resist showing off the two things that give them the most pride: a newborn baby and Sooner football. They're sure to be noticed no matter where they go when they display their Sooner pride and their pride as a parent.

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