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Oakley Fives, 2.0 Active Sunglasses Review: XS, Polarized, Black, Brown, Silver, Iridium

Updated on January 12, 2015

Oakley Fives

Oakley Fives sunglasses collection demonstrates a poised and assured design that comfortably balances casual-dressy and sports characteristics. The most distinct feature of this eyewear is the symmetry of the earpiece architecture: immediately noticeable, it proves to be a surprising move from a brand that thrives on intense imbalances and violent turns.

Those reoccur abundantly in Monster Dog and Minute: sunglasses that resemble the smoothed Fives structurally (including the underlying symmetry), but display familiar masculine tension and edginess. Indeed, in terms of gender purpose, Fives can be easily considered a unisex, or even feminine collection.

In line with these fashion transmutations, XS variation reveals an interesting vogue-inspired streak – a hint of bug-eyed design that remains popular in couture Prada, Armani, and Gucci, but also appears in other European and the American Ray Ban.

Oakley Fives Sunglasses
Oakley Fives Sunglasses

Comes in black, brown sugar, and silver colors. Dressier items introduce dark amber, grey, brown, rootbeer (!), and white shades for the frame; bronze, black, grey, and iridium lens tones, the latter available in blue, a rare variation that appears in Half Jacket as well.


Oakley equip Fives sunglasses with a range of brand standard optical utilities (still a loaded package few competitors can match): trademark XYZ and High Definition Optics; enhanced curvature that increases the vision field; 100% UV light protection; optional iridium coating and polarization for glare reduction. Prescription lens friendly.

Frames incorporates a classic Oakley three-point fit layout that redistributes stress in such a way as to minimize pressure on the face, and ensure an uninterrupted wearing experience (a function assisted by lightweight O Matter material). The company mentions “condensed cranial geometry” as another ergonomic spec designed to enhance comfort.


In a few words, Scalpel is the evil twin of Fives (and the close cousin of lifestyle Fives Squared). Its massive, chunky build creates the visual equivalent of a bulldozer – motor roar and track creaking included.

The almost square lenses echo the angular X Squared, while the pistol shaped temples seem to outweigh even those of Straight Jacket and Monster Dog.

An unabashedly exaggerated design, it anticipates such Oakley's pseudo-professional lifestyle sunglasses as Fuel Cell and Gascan.


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    • eyewearspy profile image

      eyewearspy 7 years ago

      I like the Oakley Five Sunglasses here in black color. The one above image with ergonomic spec designed to enhance comfort. These sunglasses I really love to wear and I'm dreaming of it. I don't have Oakley sunglasses so far and planning to have it soon. Anyway, thanks for sharing Oakley sunglasses review here. I had fun reading it.