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Oakley Flak Jacket Sport Sunglasses Review: Asian Fit, Golf Specific, XLJ

Updated on January 12, 2015

Oakley Flak Jacket

In Flak Jacket Oakley offer a different collection of professional sports sunglasses: though it reveals some Radar and Jawbone like characteristics – two of the brand's most aggressively and energetically designed types of shades – this line's aesthetic introduces more relaxed contours. In other words, it has less raw power and more forethought; the trade-off might not suit some of the younger, extreme-only oriented Oakley fans, but seasoned individuals looking to scale things down a bit will definitely appreciate the shift. Eventually, of course, it's the athlete wearing the spectacles who determines the style, not the spectacles themselves.

Let's see how Flak Jacket can be seen as a hybrid of Radar and Jawbone models: first, it has the former's liquid, ultra-aerodynamic lens shape, and the latter's frame solidity – though Flak Jacket is a semi-rimless design. Second, it incorporates all major Oakley optic technologies, including polarized lenses, High Definition Optics, hydrophobic (water and oils repelling) treatment, and UV protection. Architecturally, FJ allows to change the lenses, offering two different styles, standard, and XLJ; two sized of nose pads, and ergonomically optimized temples complete the package.

Oakley Flak Jacket Sugnlasses
Oakley Flak Jacket Sugnlasses

Asian fit and personal customization also available.


To match the more measured, deliberate layout of the Flak Jacket, Oakley paint the sunglasses with light and neutral colors. Yes, the classic jet black is still there, but it's the white and silver tones that give the shades another dimension – and it's a rare brand collection in that sense.

These neutral tones seem to almost musically accord with the iridium lenses. Asian Fit is notably bolder, adding metallic red, and yellow-greyish plasma to the palette.

Golf Specific

Flak Jacket Golf Specific develops the quiet traits of the original by removing the sharp curves of the optical parts, and exhibiting a relatively calm, confident sunglasses layout that fits the peculiarities of golf.

This model anticipates the casual/dressy features of Half Jacket, another collection preferred by golfing professionals.


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