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Oakley Gascan: The Sunshades for You

Updated on September 7, 2010

Oakley Gascan sunshades make you look fantastic. Oakley has been making sunglasses since 1975, and currently sells their products in 110 countries. When you buy Oakley, you get a long history of quality products.

Gascan shades are made with rectangular lenses that curve around your face for better peripheral sight. Besides the traditional colored lenses, you can select from ice iridium, emerald green, ruby iridium, fire iridium and bronze. The polarized lens color choices include bronze, black iridium, grey and VR28 black iridium.

The frames also have many color options. The ghost text and crystal black frames definitely provide a unique aspect. The white frames contrast nicely against a deep tan. The brown smoke frame matched with either the bronze or the vr28 black iridium lenses look the best.

The bow sports an O logo, which was specifically designed by Oakley for the Gascan sunglasses. The earpieces are straight rather than hooked. The bows attach to the frame with strong durable hinges.

Oakley Gascan sunshades are the shades for you. They block most of the UV light, and they make you look attractive whether sitting on the beach, poolside or just having a cup of coffee at a sidewalk café. If you choose the polarized lens option, you will have a good pair of driving shades.

Oakley's hot new sunglasses

Oakley gascan sunglasses are one of the hot new styles of sun-glasses offered by Oakley shades this season.  Retailing for $90-100 these hot shades will help block out the sun and harmful UV rays while keeping you looking stylish.   They are offered in five different colors: matte black with grey lenses, polished black with grey lenses and polished root beer with bronze lenses all retail for $90.  If you’re looking for something a bit classier, Oakley has you covered with 2 styles that retail for $100, they are crystal black with black iridium lenses and polished white with black iridium lenses.  All five of these hot styles look great with just about any outfit and would fit any occasion. 

Oakley offers the ability for shoppers to create their own custom look on their website.  As an addition you can get polarizing filters on your frames, which help to clear things up on really bright days.  If you wear prescription glasses Oakley has you covered too, for a small fee Oakley will put your prescription into a pair of these hot-glasses, so you can still look stylish without having to worry about contacts, or wearing clunky glasses over your normal frames.  Anyway you look at, Oakley’s gas can sunglasses are a great investment for any wardrobe.

The Oakley Gascan Ducati Sunglasses

The Oakley Gascan Ducati is a pair of sunglasses that is definitely worth a look, especially if you are a motorcycle enthusiast.  The Ducati Motorcycle logo is etched on the lens and the frame is made from Oakley’s tried and true lightweight O Matter.  The frame is black with a sleek design.  They have a Ducati Red colored Oakley logo on the outside of the arms of the frame.  The grey lens is comprised of some of Oakley’s most up to date technology for ultimate UV protection and clarity.

At first glance, the Oakley Gascan Ducati looks almost awe-inspiring, and upon using the glasses one can appreciate the delicate balance of durability and technology combined to make one of the more formidable pair of sunglasses on the market.  With ultimate clarity and glare protection, these glasses live up to the Ducati/Oakley standards of great products. 

In short, if you want a great pair of sunglasses that provide some of the latest improvements in lens technology along with durability and a great look, you need to look no further.  If you own, or are an enthusiast of Ducati motorcycles, these sunglasses were tailor made for your sensibilities.  Sleek, stylish, and an attention getter the Oakley Gascan Ducati is the way to ride.

The Design of the Oakley Gascan Sunglass in White

The oakley gascan white sunglasses are constructed with a stress resistant frame material so they are more durable than some other styles. The design is made in the wrap style and includes integrated hinges on both sides.

The overall design for these white frames has a very futuristic look. The lenses are set into the front frame section and are available in polarized styles. The lenses for this particular frame can also be made as prescription lenses for most basic vision corrections. Wearing a prescription sunglass is much more convenient than using one of the loose fitting sunglass attachments over regular eyeglasses.

The frames allow for the maximum in peripheral vision, which means they can be safely worn for driving. They are also constructed to meet the ANSI Z87.1 standards for protection from impact. The lens in each section is aligned for optimum vision and clarity. These lenses are tinted in a black iridium, which allows for blocking extremely bright light.

The surface coating also helps reduce glare. These styles wrap sunglasses have metal accents on the outside and are created to be worn by people with medium to large sized heads. The wrap feature for the frames allows them to stay securely in place even during strenuous activity.

Oakley Gascan Small

If you are looking for very stylish sunglasses, consider buying the oakley gascan small and you will be very happy. These glasses are offered in many different color options to match with any clothing that you choose to wear. You can customize these glasses by altering the frame color, lens color, icon, and text. This will allow you to achieve a custom look that you love. These glasses are made of durable material that is very difficult to break. This means they will last you for years to come and you will not need to invest in a replacement.

The oakley gascan small sunglasses can even be customized by adding your own logo, this is why millions of companies have purchased them for promotional reasons. They can help you to achieve a stylish look that will provide a positive and unique image for your business. These glasses protect the eyes from the sun while offering a compact look that is easy to match with any look. These are great for wearing to the office and you can wear them during sporting activities also. Everyone needs glasses that offer great performance at a low prices, these are a solution that is affordable and looks great.

Oakley Gascan Black Sunglasses

Gascan sunglasses by Oakley offer a creative design and full protection from UV rays. The light-weight and stress resistant frame provides a comfortable fit. The lenses are specifically cut and placed into the frame to maintain a continuous curvature. All directions of sight, including the peripheral, are maximized. The extended wrap of the frame mold enables these sunglasses to fit medium and large faces.

The Plutonite material, which the lens is made of, blocks all UV rays, as well as damaging blue light. To reduce glare and sharpen contrast, optional lens tints or Iridium coatings can be added. These fantastic all-purpose lenses allow for accurate color perception in bright, sunny conditions. Metal icon accents add to the over look of the glasses. The dual cam action hinges are artistically sculpted into the frame.

Available in Matte Black and Polished Black frames with Grey lenses, or Crystal Black with Black Iridium lenses, Oakley also offers prescription lenses, if needed. Oakley Gascan black sunglasses provide one of the best, and most stylish, polarized pair of glasses available today. Replacement lenses, cases, and cleaning kits are available to help keep you sunglasses in top condition. For sale at many local and online retailers.


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