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Oakley Gascan and Jupiter Sunglasses Review: Polarized, Iridium, Black, Grey, Bronze

Updated on January 12, 2015

Oakley Gascan

Oakley Gascan sunglasses draw visual elements from the brand's entire aesthetic spectrum: intensely aerodynamic angles from extreme sports collections on the one hand, and sleek, smooth fashion-inspired contours on the other.

Resulting is a whole that's more than the sum of its parts: an eclectic amalgam that projects attitude with a fair dose of individualism and inherent mystery. Within Oakley's Lifestyle department, Fuel Cell stands out as Gascan's closest design relative.

The company made a special effort to render this collection suitable for every type of face: lenses cut from a single optic block, wrapping frame architecture, and a dedicated Gascan Small division.

Customization of frame color, lens color, of MLB logo etchings, and the classic “O” metal icons decorating the earpieces allows to produce countless unique pair variations.

Oakley Gascan Sunglasses
Oakley Gascan Sunglasses


Oakley paint the frames with various black and brown tones (one white model), offering two additional colors at the customization center: light brown smoke, a semi lucid tint that again echoes the polished clear Fuel Cell, and Ghost Text, displaying an artistic, graffiti-like wallpaper – an ornament notably appearing in Oil Rig sunglasses.


Optical options include polarized lenses, High Definition and XYZ Optics (enhances peripheral vision), 100% UV light protection, and Iridium coating. All orbital utilities meet (and exceed) American National Standards Institute requirements. Prescription friendly.


Jupiter sunglasses could constitute the only collection for which Oakley conspicuously borrow design ideas from other eyewear brands. In fact, the resemblance to the classic Ray Ban Wayfarer is so powerful, as to imply a tribute rather than an attempt to copy.

Jupiter shades reduce the ear hooks to the absolute minimum, making the temples describe a dual M-arch – more symmetrical than the Wayfarer – and present distinct trapezoid orbitals that favor more curvature than the classic original. Overall, it presents a more sports friendly, aerodynamic redesign, an “Oakley Wayfarer” hybrid that merges one aesthetic principle with another.


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