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Oakley Half Jacket Sports Sunglasses Review: Standard, Asian Fit, Array, Polarized

Updated on January 12, 2015

Oakley Half Jacket

With Half Jacket Oakley step into a territory that will eventually lead the brand to its Active sunglasses designs – eyewear that combines sports features with dressy and casual characteristics. While sharing several technological features with such extreme sports models as M Frame, Jawbone, and Radar, Half Jacket exhibits a certain smoothness of contours, a careful awareness of setting – where the former types opt for a killer mix of dripping testosterone and adrenaline – that set it apart from the rest, leaving Flak Jacket as its only true ally in this department.

Moreover, HJ stands out as the only collection originally equipped with classic oval-trapezoid lenses: Oakley make a point out of developing unique, unusual optic shapes for their sunglasses, usually veering towards edgy and aggressive designs.

This line defies its counterparts, displaying a traditional, even orthodox lens layout. Ironically, the specialized Array variant reveals that technologically, Half Jacket is one of Oakley's most optically advanced and versatile, including such advanced components as G20 and Persimmon.

Oakley Half Jacket Sunglasses
Oakley Half Jacket Sunglasses

As the saying goes, don't judge a pair of sunglasses by the deceptively simple appearance of its lenses.


As if to underscore the depth of the optical gear, the brand paints it with contrasting fire or ice iridium: colorations rarely seen in Oakley selection, especially in the same collection. One cold, the other hot, they in a way summarize Half Jacket's wide technological spectrum: from standard HDO and in-built polarization, to features that increase contrast and depth perception.

Aesthetically, the deep blue tone of ice iridium, despite its cool, aloof flair, is in our opinion one of the company's most beautiful shades.

Asian Fit

In most cases, Asian Fit versions introduce minor changes that visually remain largely unnoticeable (while being noticeably useful in terms of comfort). Here, the modifications emphasize the sleek lines and, surprisingly, reverse the calm quality of the original, demonstrating certain fierce characteristics of some large cats – a black panther comes to mind.

Sunglasses come in total black; interchangeable lenses, nose pads, and earsocks.


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