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Oakley Square/Half Wire 2.0 Active Sunglasses Review: Polarized, Fishing Specific

Updated on January 12, 2015

Oakley Wire

Oakley Wire sunglasses provide a stylistic pause from the casual-sports Juliet and Whisker. Most notably, the rectangular lenses, while keeping the general sports traits, display an academic, even somewhat “nerdy” appearance.

Upon a closer look at Half Wire models, sunglasses enthusiasts will recognize a persistent resemblance to the classic Ray Ban Clubmaster: yes, the semi-rimless design is thinner and more flexible, but the rebellious spirit is just too pronounced to be missed.

Each pair features the trademark ultra-light and flexible C-5 alloy frame, enhanced with springy hinges – Oakley continue deploying their reduced-stress pressure technology (“Three-Point Fit”) to affix the spectacles to the face instead of orthodox ear hooks. The temples of the Square items allow to install a modular Blue Tooth appendage, a rootbear tinted piece of third generation technology.

As if to echo the frame alloy, sunglasses come in a range of metal-inspired colors: pewter, chrome, and tungsten; lenses display black, grey, and black iridium tones.

Oakley Wire Sunglasses
Oakley Wire Sunglasses

Fishing specific goes for a deep/shallow blue (polarized), a rare tint making an appearance in Half Jacket as well. Prescription friendly.


Wire shades incorporate a range of standard trademark optical specs: High Definition Optics, UVA, UVB, and UVC lights filter, and the optional glare reducing Iridium coating and polarization.

Semi-rimless layout adds the unexpected benefit of a wider peripheral vision, one aided by the 8.75 lens curvature. All optics (in fact, all company optics) meet the official American National Standard Institute (ANSI) Z80.3 standard.


Oakley Crosshair sunglasses (standard and 2.0 models) appear like charged up Wire, on both the fashion and the sports levels (the two atypically coincide in this collection): larger lenses, bolder geometry; the contours of the standard model in particular resembles separate Ray Ban Tech variations.

The stylized, feline-inspired aggression of the Crosshair anticipates some of Oakley's more complex fashion designs, especially Hijinx and Antix.


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