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Oakley Hijinx and Antix Polarized, HDO, UV Blocking Sunglasses Review

Updated on January 12, 2015

Oakley Hijinx

Oakley Hijinx and Antix sunglasses collections officially introduce the element of fun into the brand's selection. Of course, being Oakley, the company makes it a distinctly intense, focused kind of fun – think Joker from the Batman animation series – but the readiness to play distinguishes both lines from the serious readiness to compete and fight radiating from such extreme sports and active collections as M Frame, Fives, and Half Jacket.

In a way, these sunglasses represent a certain anti-hero “dark side” that more than a few individuals (you know who you are) would absolutely love to inspire.

The most characteristic feature in both collections is the fiendishly frowning angle of the orbitals – all the while the rest of the frame, along with the wearer, appear to be sporting a smirk. The rest of the design is almost orthodox: relaxed, traditional eyewear contours (Hijinx) that will tone down any apprehensions.

Oakley Hijinx Sunglasses
Oakley Hijinx Sunglasses

Antix, on the other hand, prefers to emphasize the clownish character of the design, demonstrating a more expressed, aggressive alternative.


Hijinx O Matter frames (metal icons) contain dual hinges that render the overall structure extra rigid and strong – more than enough to withstand the occasional shake. All lenses have been tested by Oakley impact resistance test (compliant with American National Standards Institute).

Lenses include High Definition Optics, peripheral vision enhancing XYZ optics, total UV light blockage,; optional iridium or polarized.

Hijinx offers special artistic editions: Frank Kozik, Stephen Murray, Bruce Irons, and Robert Pimple (Barry McGee).


It's not accidental that Oakley mention “attitude” when describing Antix sunglasses: the wraparound element – characteristic of goggles and several sports/fashion type shades – generates an independent, yet open and direct look that seems to be its own source of energy.

Darker colors – black, tortoise – cool the passion of red painted spectacles, and display an interesting similarity to active Fives sunglasses: the same symmetry in the temples, a hint of the menacing frown.

Special editions include MLB All Star, Moto GP, and Ernesto Fonseca.


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