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Oakley Juliet, X Squared Polarized, Iridium Active Sunglasses Review

Updated on January 12, 2015

Oakley Juliet

Oakley developed several trademark materials to build their sunglasses from – formulas that would suit their vision of strong and durable eyewear.Many active (Straight Jacket, Fives), and such sports shades as Half Jacket, M Frame, and Jawbone incorporate the classic O Matter; for the sports-dressy collections Whisker and Wire the brand developed the ultra-light, flexible C-5 alloy.

X Metal is the next, high-end step in frame material evolution: it contains titanium, is very light, extra strong, and hypoallergenic. Both Juliet and X Squared collections – close relatives in design and configuration – feature X Metal frames.

Though the thin wire type architecture of these collections puts them into fashion-conscious sunwear category, several traits reveal strong sports active roots.The lens shape, and willful contours of the orbitals display a character similar to, surprisingly, the massive Monster Dog. Oakley's knack to paint the optics with lava burning or ice cold iridium tones further imprints a sense of seething aggression and force.

Oakley Juliet Sunglasses
Oakley Juliet Sunglasses

X Squared provide a more “nerdy” alternative, where the rectangular lenses trade athletic power for brain one.


Lenses include several trademark company specs: High Definition and XYZ optics; hydrophobic water and oil repelling coating, Iridium tint, and polarized option. Prescription friendly, and compliant with Z87.1 standard of the American National Standards Institute.

Plutonite made optics of X Squared sunglasses block UVA/B/C light, and, according to Oakley, provide “optimized peripheral vision.” Both collections tend to comprise the maximal range of the company's lens utilities, a trait that also renders them costlier then most other sunwear models.

X Squared

X Squared is a somewhat mysterious collection: reminiscent of Scalpel, it seems to flaunt its slightly awkward square frame; the angles and the edges of the orbitals appear to demand thicker, stronger earpieces.

It's an unusual, imbalanced sunglasses design (works best with blue tinted lenses in our opinion) that seems to have a murky inner life of its own – a refreshing change from for the straightforward, concrete athleticism Oakley usually promote.


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    • eyewearspy profile image

      eyewearspy 7 years ago

      I really like the stylistic design of Oakley sunglasses here and it found more expensive in its design but it look great and cool to use. I look more fashionable wearing this. Thanks for sharing this stylistic Oakland sunglasses here. I love to have it soon. Is this for unisex? Just wondering on the design. :-)