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Oakley M Frame Sports Sunglasses Review: Heater, Sweep, Strike, Hybrid, Custom

Updated on January 12, 2015

Oakley M Frame

M Frame sunglasses occupy the apex of Oakley extreme sports sunwear manufacture, both technologically and aesthetically. The levels of adrenaline and testosterone in this design are so high as to seem almost inhuman – sometimes, the spectacles might seem inspired by robotics – that is, designed for athletes with machine strength, not for mere mortals.

The title of the collection derives from a physical trait: the frame does actually describe the letter “M” with two leaping arches. The optic block – a single cut lens that expands on the sides to cover the eyes – repeats the arch's curve near the frame, but offsets the soft lines with acute angles of an edged triangular formation at the other ends.

M Frame comprises several main lines (Heater, Sweep, Strike, and Hybrid), each displaying a different lens shape. The profile fin/wing extension, the part that enhances the aerodynamic qualities of the sunglasses accordingly changes from a thin triangle to a complex polygon.

Oakley M Frame
Oakley M Frame

Colors include black, grey, red, and white; jade and red iridium for the optics.


M Frame includes a set of standard Oakley lens technologies: High Definition Optics (HDO), 100% UV protection, XYZ optics for enhanced peripheral vision. In terms of structural engineering, the familiar three point fit temples, and trademark Unobtainium nose and ear pieces, are joined by a specially designed frame – a single-piece of gear that dispenses with hinges in favor of an impact and stress resistant architecture.

These shades can't fold: their form integrity leaves them in a constant battle position.


One way to look at M Frame ultra-sharp design is to envision it as a Radar gone mad: the lenses morph and transform into a predator-inspired pattern, as if forced into this state by a powerful inner urge – or by the sight of prey.

The impression of motion and fluidity in M Frame sunglasses is overwhelming; the intensity of the contours is relentless – it is a true professional eyewear that unapologetically glorifies going for the kill. This collection must be Oakley's most ruthlessly competitive.


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