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Oakley Oil Rig, Fuel Cell Lifestyle Polarized Sunglasses Review

Updated on January 12, 2015

Oakley Oil Rig

Oakley Oil Rig sunglasses appear to draw inspiration from the massive frames of Jawbone and Monster Dog collections – but only on the surface.With the exception of Scalpel (and in the case of Fuel Cell, Fives), none of the brand's extreme sports, sports, or active collections anticipated the robotic, industrial, and occasionally bizarre (all in all, a powerful fashion mix) Oil Rig design.

Strangely, Oakley succeeded in originating a true fashion line of sunglasses while remaining true to their aesthetic sports roots – those that put forward raw energy and intense, testosterone/adrenaline dripping trims.


Both titular collections include High Definition Optics, “Polaric Ellipsoid” lenses, full UV light protection, and Iridium and polarized features as an option: company standard orbital package.

Oakley Oil Rig Sunglasses
Oakley Oil Rig Sunglasses

Fuel Cell incorporates cranial pressure reducing three-point fit technology, here proving as much a fashion accessory as a professional sports utility.


Colors play an important part in both designs, sometimes dramatically altering the sunglasses appearance. Particularly fascinating are the busy silver and white text variations, which cover the frames, including temples, with vibrant abstract patterns.

Violet iridium installed in polished clear frames elaborates on the underlying robotic theme, creating a futuristic effect.

Fuel Cell

Already the title implies that this sunglasses collection has natural ties with Oil Rig eyewear.

Oil, having been extracted from the ground's depths, travels into a refinery, and then, as petrol, into the combustion chambers of our cars' engines. Fuel cells appear in several types of modern advanced engines, partaking in transforming gasoline into energy.

Echoing this process, Oakley's Fuel Cell can be viewed as another chapter in the brand's lifestyle fashion narrative – what happens next after Oil Rig. It's an interesting and consistent concept that's actually not new to Oakley: the company has several such stories in the form of Jacket (Flak, Half, Straight, Split, Water), and Frame series (M Frame (sunglasses), A Frame, O, E, and L Frame (goggles)).


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