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Oakley Sport Radar Path, Pitch, Range Sunglasses Review: Polarized, Hydrophobic, UV Protection, HDO

Updated on January 12, 2015

Oakley Radar

Besides featuring a menacing, ultra-sharp look, Oakley Radar sunglasses incorporate the company's latest achievements in the spheres of ergonomic design and optic technology, and eventually stand out as one of the brand's flagship models. Professional athletes from the fields of mountain biking, golf, and various shooting disciplines are often seen wearing one of the three main Radar lines: Path, Pitch, and Range.

While relying on the same modular frame design – a configuration that allows to change the lenses and the nosepiece – these variations feature differently styled lenses, from extra edgy to more flowing and relaxed. In general, lens shape easily become one of the most attractive traits in Radar shades: very fluid (reminiscent of a flag flapping in a wind, then suddenly crystallized, “Polaric Ellipsoid”), springy, and aerodynamic. The immediacy of this aesthetic is arresting.

Oakley Radar Sunglasses
Oakley Radar Sunglasses

Painted in black, grey, white, and various iridium palettes, the lenses either blend with the frame, or offset it, creating a more reserved in the former, or expressive, outspoken impression in the latter case. Materials include trademark “O Matter”, “Plutonite,” and “Unobtainium” – sometimes the designers opt for the less clandestine highly resistant and durable carbon fiber.

Oakley enthusiasts will recognize in Radar sunglasses several properties that reappear in other collections. For instance, the premise of a continuous optic block for the lenses reappears in M Frame, whereas the strong, angular earpieces, modified and reshaped, turn up in Flak Jacket, Straight Jacket, and even Monster Dog.


Visually projected aerodynamic qualities are backed by actual mechanics (though the two are clearly linked): the structure of the spectacles induces airflow, ventilating covered, sensitive parts, and reducing any discomfort to a minimum. Lightweight materials too render the sunglasses light and practically imperceptible when worn. Ironically, they seem to pass under the Radar even after hours of continuous use.

Oakley equip this collection with the full package of professionally required specs: High Definition Optics (trademark HDO); hydrophobic and antistatic treatments that repel water, oils, and dust particles; in-built polarization for several models. Available is a custom personalization, where the customer can choose which utilities to keep and which to jettison.


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