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Oakley Straight Jacket Active Polarized, Asian Fit, Ducati Sunglasses Review

Updated on January 12, 2015

Oakley Straight Jacket

Only two sunglasses collections from Oakley sports department feature a full frame: Split Jacket and Jawbone. The active department (a section that offers sports-casual, and sports-dressy eyewear) Straight Jacket bears similarities to both, and can be seen as a transition piece from the dramatic designs of extreme sports to more careful, measured ones of occasional professional, or even semi-pro and amateur athletic activity. Overall, SJ presents an assured, classic Oakley layout.

The shades display a strong frame equipped with massive, expressive temples that lend the set-up much of its character; you could say that's where the designers channelled the aggression and explosiveness, leaving the facade relatively calm and traditional (classic trapezoid lenses).

Resulting is a fascinating duality that plays the profile and the face off each other in unexpected, surprising ways – again, being a transition item allows Half Jacket to enjoy both worlds.

Oakley Straight Jacket
Oakley Straight Jacket


Each pair of sunglasses incorporates several standard brand technologies: liquid repelling hydrophobic treatment, trademark XYZ and High Definition Optics, full UV light protection. Prescription friendly; comes with polarized lenses, and includes an Asian fit.

While black and grey colors add the spectacles a touch of mysticism, the white and iridium red combo produces a rebellious, even (evil) clownish variant.


Within active category, Half Jacket also has several natural allies. For instance, fully framed Fives and Monster models echo the basic template of powerful ear pieces and more attentive front view. All three radiate a persistent tension that spills out as a result of a friction between extreme sports and dressy borders (think tectonic plates). Oakley, as well as many of its customers, will testify to relishing this unsettling composition.

On the other hand, such collections as Whisker, Wire, and Juliet shed the raw energies in favor of a refined, urban, yet steely in its own unique way configuration. Thick frames are gone; lens and structure geometry project a suit-type dressy cool. These are contrasting alternatives that eventually expand the range of Active sunglasses division.


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