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Oberyn Martell Costume - Game of Thrones Halloween Cosplay

Updated on August 1, 2015

Looking for Oberyn Martell costumes for sale?

Like they say - look no further! I bring you the best Oberyn Martell costume, hand made and tailored specially for you. Do NOT go and buy the generic sizes, not all of them is going to fit you.

Oberyn Martell is one of the bravest and most favorite characters of Game of Thrones. Too sad he had to die such a tragic death. I don't know when it won't be "too soon" to talk about it. Anyways, back to the topic - costume.

Oberyn Martell's costumes always look so comfortable. And may be because he lives in the southernmost part of Westeros with tropical climate, he always wears an open neck collar. This is very contrasting because other characters seem to be wearing full neck collars, with even 15 layers of fabric.

Oberyn Martell - Game of Thrones Season 4 Clothes

Oberyn Martell with Lord Varys in the Throne room
Oberyn Martell with Lord Varys in the Throne room | Source
Oberyn Martell in talk with Tyrion Lannister
Oberyn Martell in talk with Tyrion Lannister | Source

Oberyn Martell Facts

  • Known as The Red Viper
  • Has 8 daughters, called Sand Snakes
  • was NOT the heir to Dorne
  • killed by The Mountain, Ser Gregor Clegane during Tyrion's trial
  • his death was mind-blowing!

Who is your favorite Game of Thrones character? (dead or alive)

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Oberyn Martell Costume Details - Fabric and Pattern


  • Light orange tunic
  • Gold patterns trimmed on the frontal area of the tunic
  • Gold and White cloudy robe with golden sun embellishments


  • Vintage type leather wrap belt
  • Necklace
  • Dagger (optional)

What all the details in Oberyn's costume mean

  • The golden and yellow color is from the sigil of House Martell. Their sigil is a sun in splendour gules pierced bendwise by a spear.
  • The sun was the symbol of Queen Nymeria of Rhoyne
  • The spear was the emblem of the Martells of Dorne
  • Upon the marriage of Mors Martell and Queen Nymeria, the house was officially "House Nymeros Martell"
  • Their place is known as Sunspear, located in the south-eastern Dorne

Dorne - The South-eastern Westeros

Could you locate Sunspear?
Could you locate Sunspear? | Source

All-in-one costumes and accessories

Included in this costume

  • The robe
  • The orange tunic with golden borders
  • The leather strap belt
  • Necklace

Not included in this costume combo:

  • Boots
  • The dude

Don't forget the spear!

Avatar Costume Accessory Navi Spear, Grey, One Size
Avatar Costume Accessory Navi Spear, Grey, One Size

This Avatar spear perfectly fits Oberyn.

If you are buying a dagger instead, tuck it under the leather belt about halfway. Oberyn keeps his dagger on the right side.


Oberyn and Ellaria make a perfect couple!

This was one of my favorite scenes from Game of Thrones. Notice how Oberyn and Ellaria are both not at all intimidated by Tywin and Cersei.

He even goes as far as to calling her former queen and mentally torturing her by speaking about her daughter Myrcella.

Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand
Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand | Source

Oberyn Martell in Purple Wedding


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