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Obsessed with Fashion Dos and Don’ts

Updated on February 24, 2016

Women are obsessed with criticizing the fashion choices of others. Why is that? Is it all in good fun? Fashion is a form of art and when it comes to art everyone has an opinion. But fashion is also a status symbol. Those that can afford to have the latest styles or expensive designer haute couture are expressing their financial success. And those that can’t afford the latest and greatest (or even those that can) feel the need to criticize the clothing of others in an effort to exert their position of power in defense. From fashion industry professionals to the average fashion magazine reader, everyone is a critic. But even the biggest fashion critic will find fashion forward favorites and defend their stance and their taste. So from the good to the bad the opinions vary but part of the fun of fashion is the competition of winning over the audience.

Red Carpet Looks

Focusing more so on the fashion dos of celebrities, offers readers the opportunity to vote on their favorite red carpet look from recent events. They also take a look at the outfits celebrities wear and locate it back to the runway inspiration. It’s fashion entertainment at its best.


The Fashion Don’ts

With the focus on celebrity fashion don’ts celebrates all that is not only ugly (even fugly) on the red carpet. It’s like a fashion wreck that no one can stop looking at. Truth is, everyone enjoys some bad fashion and asking out loud, “What were they thinking wearing that?”


The Fashion Dos and Don’ts of Regular People

This is a terrible display of people’s need to judge one another, but also a fascinating look into what regular people wear on the street. The Glam Cam website allows users to upload photos from everyday life and then viewers vote on whether it is a fashion do or a fashion don’t. The gallery is rather extensive and categorized by a variety of titles such as skirts, pants, overexposed, pantylines, worst don’ts, and best dos. So if you feel the need to go beyond criticizing celebrities and get your fashion judge fix out on regular people, you have just found an easy place to do so.


Mom Fashionistas

For those looking to stay fashionable long into the married with kids years there are plenty of blogs devoted just to that. On Audrey offers up practical advice on how to look good while being in the midst of all the realities of being a mom. Best of all she speaks from experience having a working background in fashion yet now being a mother of four boys.

Fashion Critics Across the Blogosphere

Even your average blogger gets in on the fashion action voicing their opinions and creating their own list of clothing dos and don’ts. It’s true that everyone has an opinion and some are more interesting than others. offers up useful, insightful, and witty commentary. I especially enjoyed the post about shopping at the mall and realizing that adults need to not dress like teenagers:

“So I’m assuming that these 40+ year old women I’m helping at work with ‘JUICY’ stretched across their bums is the female equivalent of the male mid-life-crisis sports car?”

Talk back with me

Do you indulge in fashion critiques? Do you add your comments to fashion blog posts when you agree or disagree with the writer’s picks for dos and don’ts? Do you think that people go to far with judging other’s fashion choices or is it just good fun?


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    • Michaela Osiecki profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      I tend not to judge others for what they like to wear because I understand that we all have different tastes and that different things make us feel good about ourselves. I'd have to be a pretty horrible person to feel the need to comment negatively about someone else's appearance - the media and beauty industries already police us enough, I don't need to add to that.

    • profile image

      Diana Abrahamson 

      2 years ago

      Every person has a unique way of putting their wardrobe together.


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