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Odor Eating Socks

Updated on May 29, 2010

Foot odor is a big turn off for women (and men, I'm sure) and one wants to smell as good as possible when it comes to the opposite sex. Right? Right. So if the stench of your piggies doesn't much bother you personally, have a think about your mate and do your best to get rid of the funky foot odor thing. One of the best tips for doing such is investing in a few pairs of odor eating socks. These are fabulous little inventions and they will keep your tootsies healthy and stink-free.

How do they work?

Odor eating socks operate like so: They come equipped with several layers of absorbent material that will draw bacteria and other funkiness away from the feet and thereby prevent a buildup on the skin, which is what causes the stink. They've also got anti-bacterial action that makes it difficult for said bacteria to hang round to begin with. The result being, your piggies are kept fresh and clean for the duration. And that's really the key to keeping your feet smelling good and your skin healthy -- damp skin is a magnet for microbes and other icky things.

What do they look like?

Odor eating socks come in all sorts of varieties. There are military socks, golf socks, hiking socks, dress socks, etc. In other words, don't worry -- just cos they are heavy duty suckers doesn't mean they will make you look like a dweeb. If you take a look at the Amazon capsule on the right hand side you will see everything from hunting socks to men's dress socks. And, obviously, they come in womens sizes too!

How much do they cost?

They are actually very affordable. I reckon this is because odor eating, moisture wicking socks are becoming the standard and this keeps prices at a decent rate. Some are more expensive than others, but you can get a 3 pack of high quality odor eating socks for as little as 10 or 11 bucks. That's only 3 bucks a pair for comfy high-tech socks!

Where can you get them?

Nowadays they are fairly standard and you can get them anywhere, but if you'd like to get a specialty sock, such as military or hunting -- or even golf -- you can find good deals online at places like Amazon. Otherwise, your local shoe outfitter should have plenty to choose from.


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