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Oil of oregano benefits are a lot

Updated on August 11, 2012

Oil of oregano benefits – Useful for a lot of health disorders

There have been experiments and studies that have been conducted regarding this substance and it confirms that there are potent substances present which help in killing a variety of bacteria parasites, bacteria, and fungus. There are ancient Greeks who have been using this plant for treat common illnesses & studies & experiments which are conducted by a lot of modern scientists and doctors have agreed to all these findings.

This oil is essential and it contains a lot of potent substances which are used for treating a lot of different diseases. A lot of experts say that right use of soil nutrients & climate for the Mediterranean countries are reasons why oregano oil comes with a lot of potent substances. Studies say that oil of oregano contains 2 active substances, thymol and carvacrol. These 2 substances synergistically act for fighting against a lot of different bacteria, parasites, and fungus.

This essential oil gets extracted from leaves which are severely crushed and they come from a wild plant using cold process. There isn’t any heat involved during oil extraction and hence potent nutrients of this plant are all preserved. Daily dose of oregano oil makes a human body healthy. Oil of oregano benefits are a lot.

Oil of oregano benefits is that it is very effective anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, & anti-parasitical substance. There have been experiments made and they say that the oreganol is lot more effective for killing the harmful pathogens as compared to other counter drugs & antibiotics. You can also use it for treating bacterial infections, flu, colds, eczema, & plenty of other health problems.

Also, this oil is really safe to use. There have been experiments made which have shown that the oregano oil hasn’t had any adverse effects whenever they are used for treating any diseases. This oil is really effective as anti-oxidant; the oil contains rosmarinic acid, which is antihistamine and anti-oxidant. It helps in reducing any allergic reactions & effectively fighting free formation of radicals in the human body system.

Oregano oil has all the essential minerals – consumption of oregano oil increases the amount of essential minerals in the body like manganese and iron. The adequate iron supply in the system treats insomnia problems, improve quality of sleep & also lower any risks of cancer that you might have. Manganese helps in metabolism and absorption of calcium. It also regulates the levels of blood sugar.

Oregano oil is used extensively as topical treatment to treat fungal infections of nails and skin. You can remove all kinds of warts applying this oil on the affected area. Five to ten drops of oregano oil mixed along with a teaspoon of coconut or olive oil will treat the infection of fungal skin for fingernails & toenails.

You can use oregano oil as anti-inflammatory agent. When taken internally, oreganol acts as pain reliever & provides relief to people who suffer from problems of tendonitis, arthritis, & joint pains. When you use it as topical treatment, this oil penetrates deep inside the surface of skin and helps in reduce pain and swelling.


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