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Oil of oregano side effects – Be wary of them

Updated on August 16, 2012

Oil of oregano side effects

Wild plant of oregano is a rich source of oregano oil. Leaves of this plant are both medicinal and flavorful. This essential oil is extracted actually from leaves of this plant. Oregano plant has anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties due to the potent substances which it has contains. Thymol is 1 of active ingredients in oregano oil & it can get toxic if you take it in high doses.

This oil is useful in a lot of ways, provided it is used properly. It has a lot of active chemicals which are known to kill fungus, bacteria, & parasites. Oil of oregano is organic natural product which a human body should process very easily. But its anti-microbial properties might work against the human body if the oil isn’t taken according to the doctor’s prescription. Presence of the active agents can kill pathogens and this is really alarming. You should take it very carefully and no carelessness should be involved here or else you might see some oil of oregano side effects.

It is said that oregano oil is pretty valuable oil and you can use it effectively as alternative medicine. However, you need to know that there are some side effects involved as well which can harm the body. You have to understand that there are negative side effects. Here are some of the side effects of this oil and you need to be aware about.

Burning sensation – when you apply it directly to skin, you might feel some burning sensation particularly when you apply it close to the genitals and in the mucous membranes. This can be avoided by diluting the oregano oil with coconut oil or olive oil.

You might feel some warm and tingling sensation in your mouth if you take this oil orally. Typically, it is recommended that you take 2-4 drops of this oil. If your body can’t take this much then you should reduce the number of drops.

Stomach upset – If you don’t dilute the oil well, then there might be problems in stomach. If this happens, then don’t use the concentrated form of oregano oil and dilute it using some coconut or virgin olive oil. Also, you can take capsules of oregano as an alternative.

See if your body has any kinds of allergies before you start using the oil. If your body is indeed allergic to anything then the oregano oil might aggravate things in the future. Also, this oil is known to inhibit the iron absorption and if your body is already short of iron, then you should talk to a doctor and seek his advice before using oregano oil. Internal consumption is known to instigate vomiting. Also, this oil can cause rashes on the skin if you take it internally.

All these side effects that are mentioned above depend on one person to the other. Not everybody out there will suffer from the aforementioned oil of oregano side effects. Some might have problems but some might do fine. If there are any problems then you shouldn’t ignore them and should seek medical advice.


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